Florida's Great Eight Targets

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This is Inside the Gators ranking of Florida’s Eight Most Wanted uncommitted prospects in the Class of 2022 based on need, ranking, and the Gators' chance of eventually landing them.

8) Kevonte Henry

Reason for the Ranking: This is easy enough – Florida doesn't currently have a defensive end committed and Henry is the highest-rated remaining target at the position this cycle.

Competition: Michigan (committed), Oklahoma, Washington

The Skinny: I've messaged him a couple of times, but he is a quiet guy and hasn't given up any info as to where he is looking, much less who all is getting visits or a leaderboard. Without knowing his situation specifically, historically, Florida's chances of pulling a top kid out of California aren't that high, then when you add in that UF didn't know he existed until a few weeks ago, and it's going to be a steep hill to climb, but at least the Gators' are in the picture with a January official visit already set

7) Harold Perkins‍ 

Reason for the Ranking: If (and that's a big IF) Florida were to add him to this class to pair up with Shemar James, that would be a monumental comeback at a position that two months ago looked like it was going to be hurting. Anytime you are in the running for and receive an official visit from a five-star, it helps bring a certain amount of clout to your program.

Competition: Texas A&M (committed), LSU

The Skinny: He has set an official visit for next weekend, but he's said he was going to visit before and didn't. If it happens and Florida gets him on campus, then they obviously have a shot. Taking all that into consideration, the Gators still have a lot of ground to make up to catch the Aggies.

6) Danny Lewis‍ 

Reason for the Ranking: Florida's most experienced and productive tight end, Kemore Gamble, still hasn't announced whether or not he is returning to school. He basically has the weekend to figure it out before the semester add/drop date on Monday/Tuesday. As it stands, UF's only committed tight end is a project, meaning that though there are some young guys on campus, the Gators could use another tight in this class.

Competition: Cincinnati (committed), LSU

The Skinny: Normally if Cincinnati is the top competition for a target, you can almost go ahead and pencil him into the class. As it is though, the Bearcats have had a better last couple of seasons than the Gators and might just be able to hold on to him. Then again, UF might have to worry more about home state LSU putting pressure on him than they have to worry about UC.

5) O'Cyrus Torrence

Reason for the Ranking: Though Florida has a couple of above-average offensive guards in Ethan White and Josh Braun, any time you have a chance to add an All American – even if it's for just one season – you do it.

Competition: Auburn, Clemson, LSU, Mississippi State, Texas, Texas A&M

The Skinny: On paper, it sounds like the perfect fit. An All-American type of player following his former coaches to their new destination. However, earlier this week Inside the Gators was told by someone close to him that though Florida is in the running, the Gators aren't considered to be one of his top choices. We'll see if UF can get him on campus, and if they do, will it be enough to get him to finish up his career in the Orange & Blue?

4) Caden Story‍ 

Reason for the Ranking: Based on need and ranking, this might be a little high for him, but then when you look at the lack of defensive tackle prospects on the board, you get a better feeling for where he is.

Competition: Auburn (committed), Oklahoma, Tennessee

The Skinny: Post Early Signing Period he was one of the first prospects to tell Inside the Gators that the new Florida coaches were in touch with him. Though he is committed to the Tigers, the Gators will get the first chance to play host to him when the dead period ends. 

3) Jacoby Mathews‍ 

Reason for the Ranking: Did you watch Florida's safeties play this past season? If so, you know why Mathews is ranked here. The Gators need a serious talent upgrade at the position. Add in the fact that he is a five-star, and you have the need and ranking part of the criteria down pat.

Competition: Alabama, LSU, Texas A&M

The Skinny: Florida was in the driver's seat for Mathews back in the spring before he committed to LSU. When he decommitted from the Tigers, it looked like Texas A&M was going to be his destination, but he never made the expected pledge to the Aggies. Now, with Florida batting in the leadoff position by hosting him next week, we'll have to wait and see if anyone else is able to get him on campus in the following two weekends. Like any kid from the Bayou State, you always have to watch out for LSU.

2) Matthew McCoy‍ 

Reason for the Ranking: Currently, Florida's offensive line class leaves a lot to be desired and in McCoy, it isn't as though the Gators would be getting a high school All American, but you can tell by his offer list that unlike the other three, there are quite a few DI programs who believe he has a pretty decent upside.

Competition: Central Florida, Maryland, Miami, Minnesota, Mississippi State

The Skinny: Unlike a lot of prospects who were targets of the previous staff, McCoy hasn't been dropped by the current regime, as a matter of fact, he is being recruited just as hard. He told Inside the Gators this week that he regularly speaks with Florida assistant offensive line coach Darnell Stapleton all the time, but the only official visit he has set is to Miami. Florida of course is going to have to get him on campus this month to have a shot.

1) Trevor Etienne‍ 

Reason for the Ranking: He is the highest-rated prospect still on the board that is all but a slam dunk for Florida. Therefore, even if nothing else, inking him will add a certain amount of prestige to the UF class.

Competition: Clemson, LSU

The Skinny: As we posted on the We Chomp Chat earlier this week, Jason Howell, of Tex Ags, who was on-site at the practices told us that the buzz going around is that Etienne is going to announce for Florida tomorrow. That in itself would be a big boost to the Florida class, but adding him would also give UF their highest-rated high school running back signee in five years.


This was a list of Florida's top eight uncommitted recruiting targets. It is solely the opinion of the staff of Inside the Gators and does not represent the opinion of the University of Florida or anyone associated with the Gators’ football program. The criteria used to select the players: Need, national ranking, chances of signing with the Gators, and the interest level the Gators have shown in the prospect (offer).

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