Inside the Gators: Mock Signing Class 9.0

Jan 6, 2022 | 0 comments

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The biggest question on the mind of those who follow recruiting religiously is what will Florida's final class look like?

How will it all shake out?

The truth is, no one knows for sure.

Not Billy Napier, not his staff, not you and to be clear, neither do I. There are too many variables in play, especially considering the coaching overhaul which is about to take place.

You name it, and it could cause a prospect to look at a program differently – which in turn could throw everything into turmoil.

However, what we can do is we can draw on what we currently know to at least give the membership a pretty good idea of where things currently stand. 



As of today, there is ONE MONTH remaining until National Signing Day 2022.

Florida has nine signees, two transfers, and one public commitment.

These are the prospects that we believe would sign with Florida if TODAY were National Signing Day.

Quarterback (1)

Solid as a Rock: None
One to Watch: None  
Dream Signee: None‍ 
Change from Before: Much like you will see as we go down the board, pretty much everything has been changed. Here, Nick Evers‍ was removed from the Class, the SAAR and DS, and Walker Howard‍ is no longer the OTW
The Bottom Line: Even under the old regime the plan was to take just one quarterback, and I wouldn't expect that expectation to change over the next month. Especially with all four previous scholarship quarterbacks still on campus – at least through the spring.

Running Back (1)

Solid as a Rock:  None
One to Watch: Trevor Etienne‍ 
Dream Signee: Trevor Etienne‍ 
Change from Before: None
The Bottom Line: After taking an unofficial visit for the Florida State game Trevor Etienne‍ was already included in last month’s Mock Class. Now, from what we have heard from San Antonio, he is set to publicly commit to the Gators on Saturday, and then take an official visit to Gainesville later this month. Florida is also still in the running for TreVonte Citizen‍ – but trailing others at this time.

Wide Receiver (4-5)

  • None

Solid as a Rock: None 
One to Watch: Caleb Douglas‍ ‍  
Dream Signee: Mario Williams‍  ‍ 
Change from Before: Removed CJ Smith with Jayden Gibsonfrom the class after they decommitted. Removed Jayden Gibsonas the SAAR and Isaiah Bondas both the OTW and DS. Caleb Douglasis now the OTW, while Mario Williamsis the DS
The Bottom Line: Even before Mullen and staff moved on what was once looked to be a promising wide receiver class was taking a turn for the worse. Now, with one month to go Florida has zero receiver commits, and only Caleb Douglas‍ currently on the board. So, it wouldn't be shocking if the Gators ended up either having to reach for someone more lowly rated out of high school if they can’t find someone – such as perhaps a Mario Williams or Winston Wright – out of the portal.

Tight End (1-2)

Solid as a Rock: None
One to Watch: Danny Lewis‍ 
Dream Signee: None
Change from Before: Removed Grant Stevens as the OTW and replaced him with Danny Lewis
The Bottom Line:  Florida likely has a better chance to pull Danny Lewis‍ out of Louisana (depending on how hard LSU pushes) than they do getting Arlis Boardingham‍ from across the country.

Offensive Line (3-4)

Solid as a Rock: None
One to Watch:  Dave Luli‍ 
Dream Signee: O’Cyrus Torrence
Change from Before:  Added Christian Williams‍ and Kamryn Waites‍ to the class after they committed and transferred. Removed Matthew McCoy‍ from the Mock Class and OTW. Made Dave Lulithe OTW. Replaced Julian Armellawith O'Cyrus Torrence as the DS
The Bottom Line: This is tracking as Florida's worst offensive line class in who knows how long? The most logical, quick fix, would be a reunion with UL transfer O’Cyrus Torrence, but a person close to him told Inside the Gators on Wednesday, that while UF isn't out of it, the Gators aren't one of his top options at this time. Matthew McCoy‍ has Florida in his top six, but his only official visit set is to Miami. We didn't have Jalen Farmer‍ as part of the Class even before the coaching change, but with the arrival of the new coaches, perhaps Florida stands a better chance of holding on to him?

Defensive Tackle (3-4)

Solid as a Rock: None
One to Watch:  Caden Story‍  
Dream Signee: None
Change from Before: Replaced Jordan Phillips‍ as the OTW with Caden Story‍ 
The Bottom Line: After Ahmad Moten named a top-five that didn't include Florida, it means that basically, the Gators’ defensive tackle board is down to Caden Story‍.

Defensive End (3)

  • None

Solid as a Rock: None
One to Watch: Jayson Jenkins 
Dream Signee: None
Change from Before: Francois Nolton Jr.‍ is no longer in the class. Pulled Nyjalik Kelly‍ as the OTW and replaced him with Jayson Jenkins while removing Shemar Stewartas the DS
The Bottom Line: This is a position where while there aren't currently any commits, Florida has some pretty good options remaining on the board, plus they bought another year with Brenton Cox returning and helped add depth with Lloyd Summerall pulling his name from the transfer portal. If Florida can pull either Emar'rion Winston‍ or Keyvonte Henry, honestly the class at the position may be better off than it would have been before the coaching turnover.

Linebacker (2-3)

Solid as a Rock: None
One to Watch: TJ Dudley‍ 
Dream Signee: Harold Perkins‍ ‍  
Change from Before: Added Shemar James‍ to the class and replaced him as the DS with Harold Perkins‍ while replacing Wesley Bissainthe at OTW with TJ Dudley‍ 
The Bottom Line: Florida pulled a rabbit out of their hat over the last few days before ESD in order to land Shemar James‍. Florida still has TJ Dudley‍ on the board out of Alabama and Harold Perkins‍ tweeted out to Kamari Wilson‍ that he was officially visiting. Getting him on campus is a positive first step, but it's going to be an uphill battle to flip him from Texas A&M.

Safety (2-3)

Solid as a Rock: None
One to Watch: None‍ ‍ 
Dream Signee: Jacoby Mathews‍ 
Change from Before: Removed Azareyeh Thomas‍ from the Mock Class, OTW, and DS. Made Jacoby Mathewsthe DS and Miguel Mitchell the OTW
The Bottom Line: If Jacoby Mathews‍ makes it in for his official visit the Gators' chances increase significantly. 

Cornerback (2)

Solid as a Rock: None
One to Watch: None
Dream Signee: Gentry Williams‍ 
Change from Before: Removed @Chris Grav">Chris Graves‍ from OTW and Jaheim Singletary‍ from DS and replaced him with Gentry Williams‍ 
The Bottom Line:  Jahlil Florence‍ just came out with a top-five, which included Florida, but it’s hard to get a feel for where the Gators stand among those five. Then Khamari Terrell‍ said that he is talking to Corey Raymond a little. The biggest question here is can UF get Gentry Williams‍ back on campus in January.

Kicker (1)

Solid as a Rock: Trey Smack‍ 
One to Watch: None
Dream Signee: None
Change from Before: None 
The Bottom Line:  Florida is one and done at the position.

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