Florida Football Parental Roundtable II – McClellan

Jan 4, 2022 | 0 comments

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As the transition from one regime to the next for the Florida Gators continues, Inside the Gators stops to speak with those that are inundated with the topsy-turvy world of college football and even more so the roller coaster that has been the Florida team of late.

This group understands what it is like to go through the recruiting process in order to help someone close to their heart make the biggest decision of their young lives.

Their interest, however, unlike coaches or administrators, scouts or agents, doesn’t lie solely with the success of the team. These are the parents, a group largely forgotten in the discussion, the ones who are learning to skirt the fine line between protecting their child and letting them grow up.

They have been through the fire and have come out armed with advice for future parents.

Up today is Shae Boyd, the mother of Florida defensive line signee @Chris McCl">Chris McClellan‍‍.

Q: How would you describe the recruiting process for your son and your family?
A: With Florida specifically, it’s been a long, exciting process; watching my son grow in his football career and being noticed by all of these schools, having so many people reach out to him and be interested in everything that he has accomplished is exciting.

Q: At what point did you start to believe that your son was a special football player and would be able to play at the college level?
A: Probably whenever he started high school. As a freshman, he started on varsity, and he’s been playing football since he was five years old. And once he got to high school, he really started to develop into his own and shine as a great defensive player.

Q: If you had the power, what is one thing you would change about the recruiting process?
A: I wouldn’t change any of it. It was exciting to go and visit all these different schools and hear everything they had to offer him and to help him with his future. I guess if I could change one thing it would be the fact that COVID kind of ruined everything, and we didn’t get to go and have like a full, full experience because COVID changed a lot of things.

Q: Your son could have gone just about anywhere, but he chose a Florida program that is basically starting over and one where he doesn't have a lot of background with the current staff. Why make that leap?
A: I think he chose Florida because of the environment that was set there whenever the previous coaching staff was there. The environment was so good that he figured he could go to the environment no matter who was there coaching, and he could make a difference while there.

Q: And he’s gotten to meet some of the new staff, what is his impression of them?
A: He did get to meet the new staff. They did come to visit him at home. He really liked the new staff. He thinks they are going to move the program in a positive direction and that he’s going to be an integral part of helping them move that program in a positive direction.

Q: Your son officially visited that final weekend before Early Signing Day, what was that visit like?
A: They are building new facilities, and he went to tour the new facilities and meet some of the new staff members that were going to be there. It was a chance for him to get a good feel for the environment before making it officially official.

Q: Now, were you there with him or did he go by himself?
A: He actually went with his dad and his dad’s wife. I was not there at the time.

Q: And have you gotten to speak with Billy Napier at all since he signed?
A: I have. I have got to speak with coach Napier. And I’m really pleased and excited to see the changes they are going to make in this upcoming year with my son being involved.

Q: What is your initial impression of Billy Napier the first time you got to talk with him?
A: He seems like a pretty down-to-earth guy. He seems like he knows what he is doing and what he wants to accomplish. And I have full faith in him that he’ll be able to accomplish those things.

Q: Chris signed without there being a defensive line coach officially on staff. How comfortable are you with that?
A: That part is a little scary because he doesn’t know, or we don’t know exactly who the coach may be and if it’s somebody who is good with his playing style. So that’s a little unnerving, but the head coach was able to kind of ease those fears and let him know that everything will be okay, and they would get it all worked out.

Q: How do you feel about him going across country to play football?
A: Well, I think it’ll be a good experience for him to get so far away from home, where he has to kind of grow and develop as a person because he’ll have to learn problem-solving skills. Because nobody in his immediate family will be so close to him to where we can just go there and help save the day. I think it’s a good opportunity for him to be in a completely new environment and enjoy his college experience.

Q: If you had a megaphone that reached the Gator Nation, what would you want the fans to know about your son?
A: I want them to know that they are getting a young man who is dedicated to football and dedicated to the Florida program. He’s excited, and we’re excited as a family to be there. And Go Gators.

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