Getting to Know: Defensive Line Signee Jamari Lyons

Dec 30, 2021 | 0 comments

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Jamari Lyons‍ remained locked in with Florida through the transition from Coach Dan Mullen to the new era of Billy Napier. He was one of five in-state prospects to sign with the Gators on Early Signing Day.

The addition of Lyons, along with @Chris McC">Chris McClellan‍, will help bolster the defensive line for years to come. Inside the Gators got to know Lyons better on a more personal level in this edition of Getting to Know.


So, I hear you just finished a workout. What did today’s workout consist of?
“It was kind of complicated. A whole bunch of different stuff. I ran on the treadmill. I did a little treadmill work. Uberti. It’s pretty much like the fast tread. We do like sprints and high knees building up your speed, stamina, and acceleration. Pretty much the workout today was squats. Pretty much leg day.”

What weight and reps for those lifts?
“For my squat we are doing around 225-240 for five and I do like two sets. Then we go up in weight and try to do more. For hang cleans around 250.”

Has Florida given you any sort of workout plan?
“This is actually. The workout plan I’m doing is Florida’s.”

You stuck with Florida through the coaching change, why did Florida end up being the choice?
“It ended up being the choice because it wasn’t just the coaches. It was the academics there, the environment there, the atmosphere and the fans getting loud. It’s just the love for the game they showed. They showed love to their players. I felt loved. Plus, the school, I’ve been a Gator fan since I was little, so it was a dream to go there, and I had an opportunity, so I took it.”

What got you into football growing up?
“My dad threw me a football, but then he didn’t really stick with it, so my mom kept me into it. I’ve been playing football since I was five. I wasn’t too good. I was always on the o-line, but I was like 95-pounds on o-line.”

So you’ve been playing football for awhile, where else have you played on the field?
“I played o-line and tight end.”

Have you talked to any of the other prospects in your class?
“I had talked to Chris [McClellan]. Talked a little bit with him.”

Why is Florida the place any remaining prospect should choose?
“They should choose it because we gonna have fun. We gonna make money on the field. Going to do our thing. It’s gonna be lit. We gonna turn this place around, so we need your help.”

Do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions?
“Really, I just pray. I text my family. I keep up with them, see what they’re doing, see if they’re going to watch the game or are coming to the game.”




The New Year is around the corner, do you have any resolutions?
“I’m going to change the way I look for women this year.”

Well, that sounds like you have a story. What happened?
“Nah I don’t want to share that story. It’s bad. But yeah, I’m going to wait a little minute.”

Who has been the biggest role model for you in your life? Why?
“My grandpa [Allea Gipson] has been the biggest role model. He’s my male role model. He’s been there for me through everything. He’s been at all my games, all my visits. He’s a deacon at church. I’m very spiritual, keep up with Christ. I’m a Christian. That’s very important to me. He’s a great man. He’s very respectful, and he treats my grandma well. He’s always been there for my family.”

You’re given the AUX cord for the locker room, what is the go-to song you’re playing?
“I’m going to take it to my county. I’m going to play some Golden Boy. See if they like some Golden Boy. I’m not going to put them on to all my good music. I don’t like to put people on really. But I’m playing Super by Golden Boy.”

What are three things on your bucket list?
“Become very successful.”
“Make sure my career right.”
“Make sure I’m about my family.”

If you could have dinner with three people from any point in history, who would they be?
“Kevin Hart because he’s funny.”
“LeBron James because that’s the G.O.A.T and who wouldn’t pick LeBron.”
“Tom Brady. Just because Tom Brady’s cool.”

Break down why LeBron James is the GOAT over Michael Jordan.
“It’s hard to compare those two really. But I like LeBron James, very inspirational, he’s just a beast on the court. How old is LeBron? About 38? Old man on the court and he still balling.”

What meal are you having at this dinner?
“We’re eating steak and potatoes. Got to eat some good food.”

What TV show are you binging right now?
“They need to get on this Netflix show called ‘You.’ It’s about a man pretty much-stalking people and he’s trying to find a girlfriend, but he’s trying to make her life perfect at the same time by trying to eliminate and kill people. He just becomes like a little serial killer and moves cities and states and does it all over again.”

You are not the first person to mention this show. Chris McClellan said the same thing.
“It’s actually really good. It’s kind of crazy. He’s a crazy dude. It’s crazy, it’s crazy seeing it.”

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Why?
“Invisible. Because I can get in and out of places without people seeing me. I can sneak around.”

Do you have any aspirations to go to the NFL?
“That is the ultimate goal. But, if all goes left, I’m just going to have to use my degree to do what I got to do. But that is the ultimate goal.”

What would be your first purchase if you got drafted by the NFL?
“I’m going to get me a car.”

What type of car?
I’m going to get me and my brother a matching pair of [Dodge Charger] Scats. That’s our dream car.”

What color are you putting on it?
“I’d wrap mine as camo and put red eyes and stuff like that and put a red stripe down. I think I’m just going to matte black his.”

You talked about falling back on your degree. What interests do you have beyond football?
“More science-based like sports medicine. Just something with science really. I’m still looking into it.”

What is one item that you can’t live without?
“My gold chain. My momma gave it to me on my 19th birthday.”

Do you have a favorite movie?
“Nah. There are so many good movies out. I like them all.”

Have you seen the new Spiderman movie?
“Not yet. I’m going to see it. No spoiling.”

John Madden recently passed away; do you play the video game?
“Yes, I was sad lowkey. That’s probably the craziest thing that could happen.”

What’s the go-to team and/or player you use to get the win?
“Seahawks. I can move around with [Russell] Wilson.”

If you a chance to go on a dream date, who would it be with?
“Probably Rihanna.”

Where do you see yourself five years from now?
“I see myself walking across that stage with that degree.”

What is one thing about you that the Gator Nation would be surprised to find out about you?
“[At first] I’m very quiet. They going to find out how loud and obnoxious I get and really am. When I start getting used to people, I’m going to start having fun.”

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