Merry Christmas! Gifts for the Gator Nation

Dec 25, 2021 | 0 comments

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It's Christmas Day. This season, everyone's had a lot to say. Today, like much of America, we'll give out presents. These ones are more metaphorical than anything but act as a way to give our two cents. 

For Billy Napier, we give him an opportunity to finish his recruiting class and staff hirings strong. Hopefully nothing will go wrong. There's plenty of off-field and a few on-field positions left to fill. There's progress on that front, but to finish off with an elite recruiting class will be a battle fought uphill. 

For Christmas Emory Jones gets a fresh start with a new school. Seeing him succeed at a different destination would be super cool. To the transfer portal, the Gators reportedly lost him. Could his new school be the Knights, the Owls or just anywhere that runs the spread option? He spent three years at Florida and his coach is gone’ so maybe now is the time to move on. Maybe at his new college he can be a veteran presence for a young quarterback, to whom he'll pass the baton. 

Anthony Richardson receives a successful recovery from knee surgery and an injury-free spring. Gator fans would be quite disappointed if he ended up in a cast or a sling. Injuries kept him off the field at several points in 2021. Being fully healthy for the spring would really benefit Gainesville's favorite son.  

Gift-wrapped for Dameon Pierce and Zachary Carter are spots on NFL rosters. With potential as Day 2 guys, we hope they find places to prosper. Florida's leader in sacks and tackles for loss, Carter's ability to play inside and outside will have him coveted. While Pierce and his tough running style left plenty of defenders in 2021 quite buffeted. They'll have chances to up their stocks with pro days, the combine and senior bowls. Hearing your name called during the draft in April is one of a football player's biggest goals.

Most people have concluded Kaiir Elam will get a big payday. Of course, that's if he doesn't decide to stay. If Elam declares, we give him a lengthy NFL career. Maybe he'll end up in the first round, like Kyle Pitts and Kadarius Toney did last year. 

Dan Mullen gets a nice vacation in Cancun. He just got $6 million to not do his job, he can most likely afford a nice room. His agent Jimmy Sexton will call up everyone, working hard to get him and his client some major cash. Meanwhile, Mullen will walk the Mexcian beaches challenging people to a thumb war boasting "I bet I can kick your ass."

To Gator fans we give the gift of peace of mind. The 2021 season was taxing on your mental health and certainly a grind. Now, it's over and Napier's in charge of the place. It's time to move on to the recruiting boards and see if the men's basketball team can be a player in the SEC title race.

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