Getting to Know: Defensive Line Signee Chris McClellan

Dec 24, 2021 | 0 comments

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In what was the Gators' first big surprise of this recruiting cycle, four-star defensive lineman @Chris Mc">Chris McClellan‍ committed to Florida during a time when Florida didn’t officially have a head coach.

Since then, Billy Napier has been put in charge and the McClellan has signed his Letter of Intent.

Let’s get to know the Oklahoma native a little bit better in this edition of Getting to Know.


You committed at an interesting time, before Florida even had a new head coach. What went into your choice of Florida over other schools?
“Honestly man, just Florida was where I felt the most love. I committed to the school for the school and not the staff. I know it’s still going to be a great program because it’s Florida”

What got you into football?
“My family tradition. Everybody in my family played football. I’ve always been around it.”

Was it always defense, or didn’t you come out a quarterback at some point?
“Yeah, I used to play quarterback. Kinda how I started is my dad was a quarterback, so my first time ever playing I was a quarterback. Then I got moved to running back and after that I got moved to the line.”

Have you talked to any of the other prospects in your class?
“I talked to Shemar [James]. I plan on talking to Devin Moore, Kamari [Wilson], and Christian Williams because those are going to be my roommates.”

Give me your best pitch for any prospect considering Florida. Why is Florida the place they should choose?
“If you want to be a legend man and be a part of something brand new. This is a new era for Florida.”

Are you expecting big things?
“Changing the program around. Going off what I’m hearing from [Coach Napier] there’s going to be a major difference in Gainesville.

Do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions?
“I try not to eat dairy the day of or the day before a game. I don’t know why but I just don’t eat cheese and stuff like that.




Who has been the biggest role model for you in your life?
“I’d say my pops. He’s been the main one directing me throughout this recruiting process like finding a school and just my work ethic and stuff comes from him.”

You’re given the AUX cord for the locker room, what is the go-to song you’re playing?
“I’m going to put something old. I’ll probably play Set It Off by Boosie.”

What are three things on your bucket list?
“First thing I want to do is I want to give back to my community.”
“I want to explore the world. I want to go to like Bora Bora or some crazy place like that.”
“I think I’d like to own an NBA team.”

If you could have dinner with three people from any point in history, who would they be?

“Nipsey Hussle, Malcolm X, and I’d say Jay-Z.”

“Nipsey Hussle just the way his mind worked with business and the same thing goes with Jay-Z too. The way they just think and how they went about their business. It’s just crazy. To know how they do stuff, how they run stuff, and how they came up.

“Malcolm X was a great activist and I feel like that goes back into my community stuff just seeing how he handled that.”

What meal are you having at this dinner?
“Keep it classic man. I’m a steak kind of guy for business. I’ll probably get a nice T-bone or like a tomahawk, medium-rare. Get anything else you’re a weirdo.”

What are some of the side dishes you’re having with that?
“Probably some asparagus and I’m going to go mashed potatoes.”

What TV show are you binging right now?
“I just finished watching ‘You’ season three. I mess with it. It’s hard.”

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
“I have to go with teleportation. It’s just a dope thing to do. I can go anywhere anytime I want.”

Do you have any aspirations to go to the league?
“Yes, of course. I feel like anybody who plays college football the main goal is obviously to get your degree and graduate and all that stuff, but another main goal should be to go to the NFL. If you’re not working towards that goal, then what are you doing?”

You talked about getting a degree. Do you have any aspirations beyond football? What else are you interested in?
“I like psychology. I could see myself doing something like that. As of now, I’ll plan a major in sports media. I’ll be on the news and doing stuff like that.”

So once you get drafted, what’s the first purchase going to be?
“Probably a plot of land.”

What is one item that you cannot live without it?
“Probably my car. I do too much driving. I can go without my phone for a day, but I move around too much. I need to have my vehicle.”

What is your favorite movie?
“Probably got to be ‘Life’”

If you a chance to go on a dream date, who would it be with?
“Zendaya. 100%.”

You are not the first person to say that to me. What are you doing for the special day with Zendaya?
“We are going to go chill at the crib, get some food, and just be chilling.”

Where do you see yourself five years from now?
“I should be entering the draft or in my first year of the NFL. Just learning the ropes of the league and killing it. Defensive rookie of the year and player [of the year].”

What is one thing about you that the Gator Nation would be surprised to find out?
“I’m a big anime guy.”

Which ones do you watch?
“Right now, I’m watching ‘Baki 2.’ I’m going to be watching ‘My Hero Academia.’ I’m trying to get into ‘Dr. Stone.’”

Anything else you want to add?
“Go Gators.”

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