Ranking the remaining ESD targets from least to most likely to sign with Florida

Dec 15, 2021 | 0 comments

Under normal circumstances, December's Early Signing Day is akin to the Super Bowl when it comes to interest and traffic. However, because of the coaching change that saw Billy Napier take over for Dan Mullen just a few weeks ago, things won't be quite so hectic on Wednesday.

Though there could be a surprise thrown in the mix if a target or two sign elsewhere, we are basically only following 12 prospects today – six commits and five targets.

While recruiting is a rollercoaster where anything can – and will – happen, it does feel like all six (well at least five, I've never spoken with Trey Smack) are good bets to sign with the Orange & Blue on Wednesday.

That leaves these six targets, ranked from least to most likely to sign with Florida.

Quency Wiggins‍: When he decided to visit LSU this past weekend instead of making a return trip to Florida, that all but sealed the Gators' fate. He replied to ITG this evening as to what time he is signing on Wednesday, but he didn't answer when asked who all had sent him an LOI. So, it's not known if UF even sent him one. If they did, it may be in vain as the Tigers seem to be the team to beat.

Julian Humphrey‍: It's interesting that Florida's new staff came back on him late, but when you consider the defensive backfield that Georgia is putting together there simply may not be room enough for him, or at the very least have him rethinking if he wants to be part of a large defensive back class in Athens or if he prefers a much easier path to playing time in Gainesville, where there's not currently a single defensive back on the commitment list.

Shemar James‍: A week ago I would have, actually I did, tie Florida's chances of landing James with the retention status of Christian Robinson. Inside the Gators has been told that as of Tuesday night, Robinson is the lone assistant coach who hasn't been told that he isn't coming back. Now, that doesn't mean that he is, but it does appear his status is up in the air.

Shone Washington‍:  Florida did themselves a favor by bringing Jabbar Juluke over from UL as well as retaining (for the moment at least) Kelvin Bolden on staff. Those two worked wonders on Washington over the weekend. It still felt like Georgia held the lead heading into this week, but he's had a couple of days to think things over.

Kamari Wilson‍:  Maybe not to the extent of Humprhey above, but it has to have crossed Wilson's mind that the path to playing time is going to be much easier to navigate at UF than it is at UGA. He and his parents were all smiles this past weekend, and don't underestimate what hiring Jamar Chaney means to his family. Also, though he wore an IMG pull over when he was leaving campus, for his car service ride back to IMG Academy he came out of the hotel wearing Gators' gear.

Devin Moore‍: If Notre Dame hadn't promoted Marcus Freeman from defensive coordinator to head coach, this would be a slam dunk in favor of Florida. Even with that being the case though, this still feels like he left his weekend official visit with Florida out in front.

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