Inside the Gators: Mock Signing Class 8.0

Dec 2, 2021 | 0 comments

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The biggest question on the mind of those who follow recruiting religiously is what will Florida's final class look like?

How will it all shake out?

The truth is, no one knows for sure.

Not Billy Napier, not his staff, not you and to be clear, neither do I. There are too many variables in play, especially considering the coaching overhaul which is about to take place.

You name it, and it could cause a prospect to look at a program differently – which in turn could throw everything into turmoil.

However, what we can do is we can draw on what we currently know to at least give the membership a pretty good idea of where things currently stand. 



As of today, there is UNDER ONE MONTH remaining until the start of the early signing period in late December and exactly TWO MONTHS remaining until National Signing Day 2022.

Florida has 11 public commitments and currently has open scholarships for 21 signees overall (scholarship seniors, plus open scholarships) – but that number will certainly rise with attrition.

In the end, Florida will likely sign anywhere from 24-26 prospects in the Class of 2022.

The first Wednesday of every month from now until Signing Day Inside the Gators will post a mock class – consisting of the prospects they believe would sign with Florida if TODAY were National Signing Day.

Quarterback (1)

Solid as a Rock: Nick Evers‍ 
One to Watch: @Walker How">Walker Howard‍  
Dream Signee: Nick Evers‍ 
Change from Before: Changed the OTW from Davin Wydner to @Walker How">Walker Howard‍ 
The Bottom Line: Throughout this entire cycle we've gone on the premise that it was going to be a one-man show at quarterback, and while we still believe that Nick Everswill be part of the class, it wouldn't be surprising to see another quarterback added as well. If there is any position that is thrown into chaos with a coaching change, it’s quarterbacks. Then you can factor in the likelihood that at least one current scholarship quarterback will transfer. At least one. Walker Howard‍ is a wildcard. We’ll see if UF makes a play for him.

Running Back (1)

Solid as a Rock:  None
One to Watch: Trevor Etienne‍ 
Dream Signee: Trevor Etienne‍ 
Change from Before: Removed Terrance Gibbs‍ from the actual class and OTW after he decomitted, while adding Trevor Etienneto the Mock Class
The Bottom Line: It might be jumping the gun a bit to include Trevor Etienne‍ in this class, but it feels like it was heading that way after his weekend unofficial visit. Now we’ll have to see if Brian Kelly at LSU breathes new life into their chances. Last month Terrance Gibbs‍ was listed as OTW because there was still concern about his knee. This month, that concern is gone, as he is no longer part of the class. Look for the board to expand after Florida presses the reset button on December 16.  

Wide Receiver (4-5)

Solid as a Rock: Jayden Gibson‍ ‍ 
One to Watch: Isaiah Bond‍  
Dream Signee: Isaiah Bond‍ ‍ 
Change from Before: Replaced CJ Smith with Jayden Gibsonas the SAAR and switched out Evan Stewartwith Isaiah Bondas the DS. Also, removed Isaiah Bondfrom the actual class after he decommitted went from being in our Mock Class, to being part of the actual class after committing to Florida. Removed Jayden Gibson from OTW and replaced him with Isaiah Bond‍  
The Bottom Line: Let me know if you've heard this before, what was shaping up as a top-end wide receiver class looks like a shell of what we thought it would be. WIth Isaiah Bond‍ decommitting and Evan Stewart‍ casting his lot with Texas A&M, Florida’s potential at the position went south quickly. Remember last month when it was posted in this very space that an inquiry was made on Shazz Preston‍'s behalf to gauge Florida’s interest? This is a position where the board has to be rebuilt, or the transfer portal will need to be utilized.

Tight End (1-2)

Solid as a Rock: None
One to Watch: Grant Stevens‍ 
Dream Signee: None
Change from Before: Removed De'Carlo Donaldson from the Mock Class. Changed the OTW from Mason Taylorto Grant Stevens. Also, moved Tony Livingstonfrom offensive line to tight end after he told ITG that he currently weighs in the 220s.
The Bottom Line:  If Kemore Gamble returns for another season as he hinted over the weekend was a possibility, it could delay the need of signing a prospect who is capable of contributing immediately. Brian Kelly being hired by LSU, likely increases the Tigers' chances of holding on to Mason Taylor‍. Central Florida commit Grant Stevens has been to the last two Florida home games, but he said they haven't set up an in-school visit with him yet. There isn't much to say here other than this is just a poorly put together board less than a year removed from having a player at the position whose success should have made recruiting at the position a much easier sell. Then there's De'Carlo Donaldson‍, who it feels like Florida has been slow playing for months now.

Offensive Line (3-4)

Solid as a Rock: None
One to Watch:  Matthew McCoy‍ 
Dream Signee: Julian Armella‍ 
Change from Before:  Removed Jalen Farmer‍ from the Mock Class
The Bottom Line: There was some good news at the position over the last month when Julian Armella‍ included Florida in his final four. If we are being honest, UF is likely fourth on that list, but they are at least on the list. Now on to the bad news. Malik Agbo‍ eliminated Florida from contention when he went down to a final four. Two names though have reemerged Ja'Kavion Nonar‍ and Preston Cushman.

Defensive Tackle (3-4)

Solid as a Rock: None
One to Watch:  Jordan Phillips‍ ‍ 
Dream Signee: None 
Change from Before: Made Jordan Phillips‍ the OTW to replace Chris McClellan‍, and then added McClellan to the actual class after he committed. Removed Walter Nolen‍ as the DS after his father told ITG that no coaches will be coming to visit other than the Aggies
The Bottom Line: After Jeffrey M'ba‍ eliminated Florida from consideration and Shone Washington‍ committed to Georgia, that left Quency Wiggins‍ as the most likely candidate to join the class – and his familiarity with Billy Napier is a plus in that direction. We're also tracking Gator legacy Ahmad Moten.

Defensive End (3)

Solid as a Rock: None
One to Watch: Nyjalik Kelly‍ 
Dream Signee: Shemar Stewart‍ 
Change from Before: Pulled Cyrus Moss‍ as the DS after he dropped Florida when they fired Todd Grantham. Shemar Stewartis the new DS
The Bottom Line: Florida visited Nyjalik Kelly‍ earlier today and is trying to get him on campus for a visit. At this point, Shemar Stewart‍ is the longest of longshots and there's not much else on the board.

Linebacker (2-3)

Solid as a Rock: None
One to Watch: Wesley Bissainthe 
Dream Signee: Shemar James‍  
Change from Before: Changed the DS from Harold Perkins‍ to Shemar James‍ afer he visited for the Florida State game
The Bottom Line: Linebacker's coach Christian Robinson typically doesn't hand out a lot of offers, leaving the Gators with a board consisting of Jaron Willis‍, Wesley Bissainthe, and Shemar James‍ with two weeks left until Early Signing Day. It's strange that they never went back and looked at DeMario Tolan‍ considering the schools that have now offered him.

Safety (2-3)

Solid as a Rock: None
One to Watch: Azareyeh Thomas‍ ‍ 
Dream Signee: Azareyeh Thomas‍ 
Change from Before: Added Azareyeh Thomas‍ back to the Mock Class as a safety, though he wants to play corner, also made him the DS in place of Kamari Wilson‍ 
The Bottom Line: It has been a wild and crazy ride at the position over the course of this cycle. Right when it looked as if Florida had lost Azareyeh Thomas‍ to Oklahoma, the Sooners lose coach Lincoln Riley to Southern Cal. We’ll see if Jacoby Mathews‍ makes it in for an official visit, and don’t forget Deyon Bouie‍ visited Florida for the Sanford game.

Cornerback (2)

Solid as a Rock: None
One to Watch: @Chris Grav">Chris Graves‍ 
Dream Signee: Jaheim Singletary‍ 
Change from Before: Added Devin Moore‍ to the Mock Class while removing Jamarrien Burt‍ after he decommitted
The Bottom Line:  Though Jaheim Singletary‍ committed to Georgia, Florida is still in play here. The Gators also go see Austin Ausberry‍ at school on Thursday after seeing Chris Graves‍ already. It is very much looking like the defensive back class will look better post-coaching change than it was going to look had Florida stood pat.

Kicker (1)

Solid as a Rock: Trey Smack‍ 
One to Watch: None
Dream Signee: None
Change from Before: None 
The Bottom Line:  Florida is one and done at the position.

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