Knox on Monday: Richardson day-to-day

Nov 22, 2021 | 0 comments

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Interim head coach Greg Knox faced the media to discuss the upcoming game against Florida State and how he’ll handle the job after taking over after Dan Mullen was fired on Sunday. 

Here are the highlights.

  • Now serving as the interim head coach, Knox said there will slight changes here and there but nothing wholesale in terms of personnel. Quarterbacks coach Garrick McGee will take over calling plays and support staff member Dean Kennedy has been elevated to an on-the-field role.
  • This is also his second time serving as interim head coach in Dan Mullen’s stead. Knox took over for Mullen for the bowl game when Mullen left Mississippi State for Florida. He is 1-0 as an interim head coach after the Bulldogs beat a Lamar Jackson led Louisville team in the Gator Bowl to end that season.
  • Because of his duties as the special team's coordinator, Knox feels as though he is the assistant coach the overall team is most familiar with. “One thing that helps them is I’ve been in front of them all year long. As the special team's coordinator, I get the chance to stand in front of the team more than anyone besides the head coach.”
  • Knox answered a question about what exactly went wrong at UF and he mentioned attention to detail in answers to several different questions. Including the Missouri game, there we several contests where Florida was right in it but they just didn’t make enough plays. "It's all of us together. It's the players studying the game… the deliverance of the details from all the coaches.”
  • And just because Mullen is gone doesn’t mean they’ll stop recruiting. Knox said they’re still in contact with recruits and keeping them updated on the situation. Despite not having any visitors for the Florida State game, the coaching staff will hit the road once the contact period starts.
  • Knox said that the staff checks in daily with the medical staff for the status of Anthony Richardson and if he is healthy and available on Saturday they’ll get him in the game.
  • Seeing as he’s directly involved with the running backs, Knox spoke on why Dameon Pierce saw fewer opportunities in relation to his production. Knox’s answer? "We got a talented room. A very, very talented room." And he mentioned how guys like Lorenzo Lingard and Demarkcus Bowman are five-star players and they’ve hardly seen the field. For Bowman, he needs to continue to study the game while Lingard had the unfortunate situation of having three guys ahead of him. Plus, he said his room played probably its worst game of the season against Mizzou.


WCC: Updates on everything Greg Knox had to say can be seen HERE.

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