Learning to deal with success

Nov 18, 2021 | 0 comments

Mike White and Myreon Jones addressed the media Wednesday night discussing the upcoming game against Milwaukee.

Here are the main takeaways.

  • When Mike White was asked about the response of the players coming off a huge win he responded with, “We had a day off and came back and have had a pretty good level of focus yesterday and today. But the focus level has been pretty good.”
  • The media also asked him if he has spoken to the team about dealing with success, he responded with, “Definitely. We’ve addressed that stuff to the entire team at times, and really throughout the fall, we talked about it with some of the leaders individually, with what these guys are talking about amongst themselves in the locker room. That ownership level we talk about that we feel is so important.”
  • “What our guys, especially our leaders, say to each other holds a lot of weight. And it’s all about handling success, which is prevalent throughout college basketball. After big wins, how do you rebound? The best teams learn, of course, how to handle success better than others. I think we’ve been pretty solid the last couple days hopefully, it carries over to the next couple.”
  • On Milwaukee: “Very talented, led by Pat Baldwin, one of the more talented players in the country, really. Gholston and Thomas, a couple other veterans, they compliment him. Three guys who average 15 to 20 and can go get baskets. Their defensive numbers are really impressive as well. They’re sound and physical, they get after you. They hold opponents to 34 percent from the field. They’re a good team.”
  • When asked about the postgame celebration against Florida State he said, “Yeah, it was fun, really good group of guys who just bring it every day. Just proud to be a part. Big win for us, of course. We need to celebrate those moments as much as possible, of course. But, again, you’ve got to handle success the right way, and that’s where our focus and our attention moved toward. ‘Let’s have fun with this. Let’s celebrate this, but, after today, after Sunday night, it’s about moving on, and, hopefully, we can have more of those, more of those special moments in postgames.”
  • The media mentioned if being ranked mattered he responded with, “It’s completely irrelevant to me. I’m sure a few of our guys that hadn’t played at this level before, hadn’t been ranked before, I’m sure it was exciting for the first time, but it has no bearing on how good of a season we have.”

Myreon Jones

  • When asked about the approach going forward compared to the Florida State game he responded with, “You know it’s just when we went into the Florida State game, it was, you know, be disciplined, like play together on defense like all the simple things, and you know we have to carry that on. We can’t get too excited. You know, like we’re ranked now. So what? It’s just a number. We still got to play our same way of basketball.”
  • On the post-game locker room celebration, he said, “That’s what you want to do after every big win. No, I think that’s what college is all about, you know, working hard with the people you grinding with always since the summer. You know, just having those moments in the locker room with coaches and players and people that been here since day one.”
  • When asked about how they played against Florida State he responded with, “Yeah, before coach even came in the locker room, we was saying, man, we didn’t even do our best, and that’s the scary thing about this team. You know, we haven’t even played our best yet and we just beat a good team in Florida State.”
  • On Milwaukee’s Patrick Baldwin, Jones said, “Patrick Baldwin seems like a great player. Seems like he handles the ball a lot. I’m not used to, you know, people his size, like his height, on the ball that much. So, I think we just have to lock into him.”
  • When asked if he has enjoyed his time at Florida so far he responded with, “It’s been good. I have no complaints, no complaints.”


WCC: Updates on everything they had to say can be seen HERE.




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