Wright: Focus is on Missouri

Nov 16, 2021 | 0 comments

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Nay’Quan Wright and Jadarrius Perkins addressed the media after Monday night’s practice.

Here are the main takeaways.

Nay’Quan Wright

  • When Wright was asked about how this season has played out so far he responded with, “Our focus is Missouri, it’s a new week we are 0-0 and we just want to be 1-0 this week hopefully we can be 1-0 this week.” 
  • “Every game is a big game for us.” 
  • When he was asked about his season so far along, with the running back group he said, “It’s just a blessing to be here and I am thankful that I am here.” 
  • “I love those guys,” when asked about Dameon Pierce and Malik Davis, “Those are my guys.” 
  • Questions about this week’s game against Missouri were brought up a lot when Pierce was at the microphone. “I mean it is the SEC at the end of the day there is only one winner you get 12 opportunities a year, you just have to take advantage of those opportunities.” 
  • When asked about Emory Jones and Anthony Richardson he responded with, “Both of those guys work really hard, I have a lot of respect for them.” 

Jadarrius Perkins

  • When asked about the recent win over Samford he said, “I mean honestly like you said it started off rough, but we kept fighting and got the win.” 
  • “Not every win is going to be pretty, and we know that.” 
  • Christian Robinson was brought up because of the defensive struggles against Samford. Perkins responded with, “We believe in C-Rob, and I am excited about this game but at the end of the day it’s just another game.” 
  • When asked if this season has taken a turn he responded with, “We have to continue to fight and play hard. It is about the Gator standard and wearing that jersey proud.” 
  • When asked about transferring from Missouri to Florida, Perkins responded with "It just wasn't the right fit for me, I wanted to feel like it was home for me. I have been wanting to go to Columbia for a long time," said Perkins when asked why he left Missouri and if he is excited to go back to Missouri.  
  • A question that was brought up a few times was the Gators’ celebrating their win over Samford in the locker room, which was posted to Twitter. "We are going to celebrate every win. It is hard to win in this sport, we want to be happy being at Florida is a blessing. If we would have beaten Georgia, we would have celebrated the same way like we beat Samford.” 
  • Perkins concluded with: "Losing is not fun for any one of us around this program, we are ready to finish this season out strong." 

Emory Jones

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Zachary Carter

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WCC: Updates on everything Nay’Quan Wright and Jadarrius Perkins had to say can be seen HERE.

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