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Nov 13, 2021 | 0 comments

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Mike White and Brandon Mckissic spoke to the media Friday evening and most of the discussion centered on the upcoming Florida State game Sunday.

Here are the main takeaways.

Mike White

  • The two showed up for the Zoom conference a little later than expected, but White said, “unique day for us we had a couple guys banged up, a couple of guys out with the sickness that is going around campus. It took us a little while to get it going, but once we did, I thought our energy level was really high. The guys competed with a high level of excitement, and just excited about the opportunity. Just finished up some film.”
  • When asked about how FSU plays White responded, “a confident team, especially considering the turnover they had and the guys they lost. Have very limited film on them, of course, but I thought they looked really good the other night.”
  •  The Gators being 1-0 didn’t seem like it meant much to White, who emphasized that he didn’t believe what happened last year will carry over. “We are focused on Sunday, and this version of the Gators and Seminoles.”
  • The Gators haven’t had much success in recent years against FSU, but when asked if the arena will be rocking, he responded with, “It will be rocking. I don’t think I have to do much hoping. It will be electric in here. It was a great environment the other night for Elon. Of course, against a program like Florida State, the rivalry and all that. Sunday afternoon it oughta be loud, it oughta be exciting. It’s going to be a factor, of course, but a much bigger factor is how we defend and how we run offense against them.”
  • When White was asked about FSU guard Caleb Mills, he had nothing but high praise for him saying, “A really talented guy we went back and watched some film of him from his last spot. Not only offensive but defensively, he plays hard. He’s got good length; he has the ability to pester the basketball. Offensively, boy, is he versatile. He can hurt you in so many different ways.”
  • White when asked about Brandon Mckissic he responded with, “He wears his emotions on his sleeves and at times he might have to dial it down a bit and stay out of foul trouble. He is a good player and has a really good chance of being a good player for us this year.”
  • When asked about picking up a big win early in the season White said, “It would be huge it would, I do say this every year and I mean it every game matters, but this game is really big for different reasons.”
  • “We can’t focus on a result; we have to focus on our game plan playing the right way and doing the right things in practice.”

Brandon Mckissic

  • After White left the podium Brandon Mckissic came to the mic. When asked about the rivalry between UF and FSU he said, “Outside of it being Florida vs Florida State this game is personal on a lot of different levels, we don’t want to lose, every game we're taking as if it's personal."
  • “I feel like we have a lot of players that are not only athletic and fundamentally skilled, but they play with heart, but also just play with a lot of heart we have a lot of motor on our team.”
  • When asked about players being healthy, he said, obviously we want the whole team healthy, but we are focused and locked in taking precaution that we are wearing our masks.”


WCC: Updates on everything they had to say can be seen HERE.


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