Pierce on Grantham and Hevesy: 'It’s like losing a best friend'

Nov 9, 2021 | 0 comments

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Dameon Pierce and Zachary Carter spoke to the media Monday evening, coming off Florida's worst loss of the season and a day after Florida replaced two assistant coaches. Here are the main takeaways.

Zachary Carter

  • Carter was asked about losing defensive coordinator Todd Grantham. He said Mullen met with them this morning and broke the news. Despite it leaking early, he made sure to tell them he always wants the team to know first. It’s a tough situation and never easy but Mullen had to make the best decision for this program. Carter thanks Grantham for everything he's done for them on and off the field. Grantham being let go was emotional but Carter understands it’s a business. "Since Coach Grantham got to UF. I felt like we built a pretty solid relationship. On the field, he always coached me hard and he always stayed on top of me,” Carter said of the now former DC.
  • Florida’s going through a very rough and tumultuous stretch. It’s easy to get down but the Gators have to stay motivated and Carter as a leader has to facilitate that. He's telling guys every day they still have a lot to play for. Even though their lofty preseason goals are shot, they're playing for the guys who came before them and there's a lot of people still watching them. Not only that but players still have to play for themselves and their families. "We still have a lot to play for. Things haven't been going the way we want to go…but we're keeping guys encouraged and we're staying motivated. That's all you can do."
  • On the loss to South Carolina: "We did not play to the Gator Standard at all in all facets of the game." Carter mentions they weren't physical enough on offense and defense. It all starts upfront.”
  • Carter did speak on how Monday practice was too. He described it as “chippy” and there was an edge to guys that he liked to see. Mentioned how he wished the media was there to see it.

Dameon Pierce

  • He was asked about the recent changes to the coaching staff. “It’s like losing a best friend,” he explained because coaches build relationships with players whether they’re newcomers or four-year players.
  • Both he and Carter spoke on encouraging each other and putting work in to accomplish something this season. Pierce said it comes down to their love for the game of football. He emphasized how much he loved the game and he’s going to make the most of every opportunity he gets to put the pads on. “It's not easy to tell someone it's going to be a brighter day when it's raining. But you just got to have faith that the sun is going to come back out man. You go through cloudy days eventually it's going to blow. Our storm is going to pass and we're going to get back to our standards soon.”
  • Pierce also spoke on Dan Mullen and this team’s woes this season. They aren’t going to try to lose and the losses on the schedule boil down to all of the mistakes the team made. He mentioned how Dan Mullen is a “competitive” and “fiery” guy as a coach. Mullen is a knowledgeable coach who loves football. Sometimes things just don’t work out on the field. “One thing that makes Coach Mullen special to me, personally, is that I believe if he was in shape at all, and if he was allowed to do it, he'll put these pads on and go to war with us and go to war right alongside with us out there and play right with us. And get his nose in a ball game. He's that he's that competitive.”
  • Mullen mentioned in his Monday press conference how the Gators had a great week of practice, came to Columbia fired up and ready to play a game. But what happened on the field Saturday didn’t reflect that. Pierce was asked about what the potential disconnect could’ve been. He said if he had a direct answer for it, he would’ve been glad to give it. He took a stab at it anyway. “My best guess was we didn't prepare enough. It wasn't nothing that we didn't see all week. They didn't do anything spectacular (or) special. We thought we prepared well…we practiced hard all week. We made sure we were on top of things on our end but obviously, it wasn't enough. We just got to get back to the drawing board and work harder.”


WCC: Updates on everything the players had to say can be seen HERE.

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