SEC Teleconference: Mullen cleans up Monday's mess

Nov 3, 2021 | 0 comments

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After trending on social media Monday and Tuesday, in what was a higher-stakes-than-normal Wednesday press conference for Dan Mullen, he immediately clarified comments made earlier this week and then highlighted some of the emerging leaders on his 4-4 team. 

Here are the highlights.

  • The first fire for Mullen to put out was eyebrow-raising comments he made on Monday, that were taken out of context by some, who interpreted it as meaning that Florida doesn't recruit during the season. He attempted to clear the air surrounding the ‘recruiting’ comments he made Monday. “Our staff recruits non-stop.” 
  • He also explained why all player media availability was revoked this week. "On Monday morning, we had an 8 o'clock team meeting. And at our 8 o'clock meeting we had a great meeting with the team. The energy, the excitement of our players going into this final third of the season and the focus of which we have to take and the approach we need to take in the final third of the season. And I felt that the best for our players is to make sure our focus is completely on the work that we have to do in the final third of the season.” 


(Courtesy Zach Goodall Twitter)

  • He added that he has made himself available to all media this week. 
  • However, Mullen’s ability to shield his players from the media has led to a good first two days of practices. “But there’s also guys who understand there’s a lot more football to be played and opportunities to get us where we want to be moving forward, which is finding a way to win a game on Saturday. So I think it’s been a really good week of practice for us.”
  • Mullen then jumped ship to talk about Emory Jones and how prepared he was on Saturday. One of the reasons Mullen has so much respect for Jones is his ability to be prepared for any role. “Coach, I’m 100% all-in.”
  • He continued talking about his quarterback highlighting his overall attitude as both a starter and riding the sideline. "His character, his work ethic, his demeanor is unbelievable."
  • Mullen quickly talked about Shane Beamer and his Gamecocks. He said that the team you can see the improvements the team has made since Beamer’s arrival as well as the aggressive way they can play. 


WCC: Updates on everything Dan Mullen had to say can be seen HERE.

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