Mullen on Monday: Local media opportunities cancelled the rest of the week

Nov 1, 2021 | 0 comments

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In what will now be the only local media opportunity of the week, Dan Mullen's Monday press conference came to an abrupt halt after a couple of terse exchanges.

Here are the highlights.

  • Mullen’s first question of the press conference was on recruiting. While the implication seemed he was willing to take questions on recruiting after the season, this was his response that caused a firestorm on social media: "We're in the season right now. We'll do recruiting after the season. When it gets to recruiting time we can talk about recruiting."
  • He was asked several times about the noise in the system and dealing with the negativity. Mullen brought up how noise in the system is perception and there’s a difference between perception and reality. The Florida head coach said his players see it because they’re on social media and he tries to pay a little attention to the negativity so he knows what his players are dealing with. “Perception is everything's perfect or everything's horrendous. Reality (is) you're probably a little bit more in the middle somewhere. And you're just trying to figure out how to improve and get better. So, I always tell our guys ‘When it seems to be going good, it's probably not as good as everybody perceives it to be, there's issues we got to go fix. And when it's going bad, it's probably not as bad as it's going.’”
  • This South Carolina game begins what is a critical stretch for them in terms of finishing the year strong. When asked about his biggest concern, Mullen said finding a way to beat the Gamecocks on the road at night He was complimentary of the Gamecocks and head coach Shane Beamer. Mullen said he sees the team’s frustrations and one thing they took a look at was inconsistencies in the game and in practice.
  • In an almost ironic twist, Mullen also spoke on the necessity of being a competitor in the SEC. He mentioned how he’s a big one and most of the team is too. You can’t not be one in this league. At a place like the University of Florida, guys don’t make it there by having a complacent mindset. Competitors ask themselves how they can get better so they can find a way to win. “If you don't want to compete, then don't show up. I'm going to be in South Carolina next week. And we'll be there with a team that's going to be ready to go compete. Not a team that's like, ‘OK, I guess there's a game on the schedule. I guess we should get on a plane and drive up there and run out and stand on the sidelines for a couple of hours until the game ends.’ That ain't how it works.”


WCC: Updates on everything Dan Mullen had to say can be seen HERE.


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