Recruit Reaction: 'I feel like there is room for improvement'

Nov 1, 2021 | 0 comments

Inside the Gators asked Florida commitments and targets for their thoughts on the Gators 34-7 loss to Georgia. Find out what Nick Evers, Myron Green, and others thought of the game.

  • 2023 four-star defensive line target Jordan Hall

“The defensive line played fine and they gave up a couple of big runs, but they weren’t pummeled. They just gave up some key plays. I think they have a chance to make a bowl game, but I don’t think they can take another loss.”

  • 2023 offensive line target Bryce Lovett

“I was expecting the game to be closer, but they still played good. I think they are having a pretty decent season. They played some really good teams and played very well overall.”

  • 2023 four-star target Robby Washington

"It was a good loss for Florida. It's just time to re-up and get better."

  • 2024 four-star running back commit Jerrick Gibson

"Honestly, I think we didn't play bad at all. Besides the last two minutes of the second quarter, we were in the game toe-to-toe with them. We did a pretty good job running the ball. I believe we had the most rushing yards on Georgia this season. Overall I believe that we're going to be okay."

"Eh, it wasn’t the best game, but Georgia is the best team in the world. The season is not going as planned, but it’s just time for a rebuild. Next year there's a lot of talent."

“Tough loss, but the Gators are still my top team."

  • 2024 defensive lineman Sincere Edwards

"I feel like there is room for improvement. The players along with the coaching staff need to come together and figure out this problem. But, I also feel like their time is coming soon for them to shine. I’m just trusting the process with them."

"The loss to Georgia obviously wasn’t a good thing, but we all know that Georgia is a really good and well-coached team. Them being the best team in the nation, this isn’t that bad of a loss. Of course, Florida has to do better but it just comes with time and I know they will do better as time goes on. The players in my position didn’t play as good as they are able to play, but I know they will bounce back and play better next week. The season right now is on an up-and-down roller coaster, but I know they're going to pick it up and turn this thing right back around how it used to be."

  • 2023 three-star offensive line target Roderick Kearney

"I felt like Georgia's defense had a good game, which stopped Florida from putting up points. The Florida offense fought hard, but they had a lot of mistakes that cost them the game. The offensive line fought hard to protect, but Georgia just had some dogs."

  • 2024 four-star athlete target Fred Gaskin

"I personally feel like things happen and teams just have to progress. I feel like Florida will finish the year out good. They also only lost to some tough teams."

  • 2022 quarterback Davin Wydner

"It’s obviously a tough loss, but I think the first 25 minutes of play was more indicative of how these two teams match up. Turnovers changed the outcome of this game quickly and that is always going to be tough for any team to overcome. Georgia’s defense is already being looked at as one of the all-time greats and I believe that if the Gators can just focus on taking care of the football and win the turnover battle that they can beat any team in the nation, the first 25 minutes of the game proved that."

"I’ll give Georgia credit, they capitalized on our mistakes. That’s where my credit ends…"

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