Cox: Georgia is as good as advertised

Oct 27, 2021 | 0 comments

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Brenton Cox, Richard Gouraige, Kaiir Elam, and Malik Davis answered questions after practice Tuesday in the lead-up to Saturday’s rivalry matchup against the top-ranked Georgia Bulldogs.

Here were the top takeaways from today's press conference.

Things kicked off on a personal level for Brenton Cox Jr. The former Georgia Bulldog gave reporters insight on what Saturday’s game means to him as he is set to line up against some familiar faces. “Just getting to play against my old teammates, my old friends…it means a lot just to show them how much I improved over the year and just show what I can do out there.” Cox added that he likes the rivalry and the unique perspective provided by his time in Georgia. “I’ve played both sides. So, I know how both sides feel and not many can say that,” Cox added, “I know how it feels to come in through the other side in all red. Now I come in in blue. So, it’s a good feeling. Good and bad.”

Cox admitted that Georgia is as good as advertised but swiftly shifted the responsibility to a Gator team that in Cox’s words had to “come in and start fast. Not have too many slip-ups.” Cox had high praise for Georgia’s Stetson Bennett and Jordan Davis as the potential Heisman Trophy winner. “I’m all for it give him the Heisman,” Cox said as he pointed out that Davis’ work ethic was a key attribute to his stellar season but relished at the opportunity to send Davis and the Bulldogs home with their perfect season ruined. “I wish the best for them. But we’re all competitors and we all want to win. I know I want to win.”

“First and foremost, we just have to play fundamentally sound.” Such were the words of focus from Richard Gouraige when asked about the challenge of playing Georgia’s front seven. Gouraige emphasized just how dynamic the Georgia defense has proven to be this season. He commented on the Gator’s hard work in practice and the team effort to improve techniques that will help stop the Georgia defense on Saturday.

Kaiir Elam began his interview by answering that he is has been feeling better after making his return against LSU. “Physically I feel a lot better. I’ve been staying in the training room 24/7 when I’m not in class. I’m just happy to be back practicing,” Elam said. Elam took reporters through his mindset and frustration during his time on the sideline while potentially being a top pick in next year’s NFL Draft. “It’s been a battle for me mentally because I never missed a game in middle school and high school. So just not being out there and being able to compete and help my team win has been difficult.” Elam stated that he felt like he had to do a better job after the loss at LSU, but he feels blessed to be able to compete alongside the team. Elam said he is not focused on making a “business decision” regarding the possibility of sitting out to protect his draft stock. Rather he, and the team, want to go out on the field and make the win their only focus.

Elam continued the praise for Stetson Bennett through the Georgia quarterback’s ability to manage the game alongside running backs who can make plays and “decent receivers who can get open.” Elam proposed that there have been no moral victories in the season. “A loss is a loss. We’ve lost every game by seven points or less. It just shows the mental focus we need to have to go out there and win a game.” Elam said that there is no reason why the Gators should lose another game and emphasized the team’s common desire to win.

Malik Davis backed Gouraige’s points on the need for good execution on Saturday. Davis praised the Georgia defensive line as one that can make big plays in the backfield, making them stingy and successful. Davis’ praise extended to coach Dan Mullen’s ability to catch teams off guard with his play-calling, especially referring to last year’s Florida-Georgia matchup in which Davis received 100 passing yards. “It just shows he’s a great coach. He knows how to come up with a scheme that works and it’s up to us to go out and execute it,” Davis said. Referring to this week’s game plan Davis added, “I believe in the game plan. It looks good to me.”

All four players were asked to comment on Anthony Richardson’s potential impact on Saturday’s game after providing a huge spark in the comeback effort in the loss at LSU. All four players praised Richardson along with Emory Jones for the duality in their games that is reflected on the offense. “Him (Richardson) and Emory need to come up with a game plan to get us a W. They’re both good quarterbacks and really good runners. I think that’s a problem for any front seven in the SEC, said Brenton Cox. Gouraige followed, “I know both quarterbacks are very dynamic when they get out of the pocket. They can extend the plays. They’re both going to do great this game.” Kaiir Elam had special praise for Anthony Richardson though. Elam went as far as to say that during his freshman year, Richardson was already a better quarterback than the Virginia quarterback at the Orange Bowl, Bryce Perkins. “We knew that he (Richardson) was special. So, when his time comes…he has a bright future ahead of him honestly,” Elam said.


WCC: Updates on everything Brenton Cox, Richard Gouraige, Kaiir Elam, and Malik Davis had to say can be seen HERE.

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