Mullen on Monday: Getting two quarterbacks ready to play

Oct 25, 2021 | 0 comments

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Dan Mullen, Trey Dean, and Zach Carter answered questions before practice Monday in the lead-up to Saturday’s rivalry matchup against the top-ranked Georgia Bulldogs.

Here were the top takeaways from today's press conference.

  • Saturday will mark the second time Florida will play the No. 1 team in the country this season. “It's a pretty unique deal,” said Mullen, “that doesn't happen very often, especially in a regular season.” 
  • Even with the added stakes of a top-ranked Georgia, Mullen emphasized how the rivalry is reason enough to get up for this game. “It's a rivalry game so our guys will be pretty motivated,” said Mullen, “it's not like we need a rah-rah speech to get ready to play this game.”
  •  As expected, Mullen fielded more questions about the quarterback situation, but remained adamant that both quarterbacks will play. “You got to get both guys ready to go play,” said Mullen, “We plan on playing both of the guys like we have.” Mullen remained firm that the starting quarterback doesn’t matter, referring to the starter only as who plays the first play of the game, “the question everybody should ask is who finishes the game,” said Mullen.
  • Mullen was asked a few questions about recruiting. He said coaches went out on the trail this week, but didn’t say whether he went out or where assistants went. Mullen is still facing NCAA sanctions and still isn’t allowed to go on the recruiting trail. He was also asked about Florida’s recruiting spending. “I think one thing we know we're not very wasteful here,” said Mullen, “I've never believed that the solution to every problem is just to throw as much money out of it as possible.” He did say they’ll evaluate the budget with the administration and he also pointed to the new football facility as an example of spending and catching up with the rest of the league.

WCC Insider: You won't see Mullen out scouting targets tonight

  • Mullen was asked about whether the bye week was helpful to the team, and outside of getting to nurse injuries and spending time with family, he said they’ll see this week whether the off week was helpful or not. “If we win, the bye week was great. If we don't, if I wasn't,” said Mullen.
  • Mullen was asked about Georgia, and outside of the usual platitudes about the quality of the opponent, he jokingly asked about the Bulldogs quarterback situation. “It's their number one deal right, who their starter is is much, much bigger than ours,” said Mullen. The Bulldogs have yet to announce whether JT Daniels or Stetson Bennett will start Saturday. 
  • Zach Carter, a senior who came back after originally declaring for the draft, said he’s trying to leave a legacy and set up the team for the future. He said it was important to end the season on a strong note and give a strong foundation for next season.
  • Carter also noted how big it would be to get one more win against Georgia in his final season. “It's just one of those games as a Gator you want to win every year,” said Carter. He said he’s been looking forward to this game since the bye week.


WCC: Updates on everything Dan Mullen, Trey Dean, and Zach Carter had to say can be seen HERE.

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