Recruit Reaction: 'Florida was having a good game, but the turnovers killed them'

Oct 17, 2021 | 0 comments

Inside the Gators asked Florida commitments and targets for their thoughts on the Gators 49-42 loss to LSU. Find out what Nick Evers, Mason Taylor, Emory Floyd, and others thought of the game.

“I was in shock, I couldn’t believe they lost. It was the turnovers that made the difference in the game. You just have to correct the mistakes, move on and win the rest of the games.”

  • 2023 four-star athlete target Ahmari Borden

“It was an interesting game and they played really hard after they could’ve easily laid down when it got tough but they fought. Unfortunately, they still didn’t come out on top, but they played to a higher standard. I saw some great things from the receivers and all around. The Gators still have time to prove themselves in upcoming games.”

“I think that the offense played very good and we were putting pressure on the LSU defense. Our defense just gave up a couple of huge plays.”

  • 2023 four-star defensive line target Jordan Hall

“It was a good game, but more offensive than defensive. It wasn’t the best game for the defensive line, but they had some drives where they played well. There were just some costly mistakes that caused the loss.”

  • 2023 wideout target Creed Whittemore

“I think they’re fine. They’ll bounce back. I thought the receivers played really well.”

“I thought it was a good game and a close one. LSU had a great game and Florida was having a good game, but the turnovers killed them.”

  • 2023 four-star running back target Mark Fletcher

“UF will bounce back. They’re still at the top for me!”

  • 2022 three-star quarterback Davin Wydner

“Death Valley is always a very difficult place to play, no matter what LSU’s record is coming into any game. AR-15 came in and ignited a furious finish that unfortunately came up a little short. 42 points in Death Valley is a great number but I’m sure Coach [Dan] Mullen and staff will have teachable moments and clean up the turnovers and come out of the gates full go vs Georgia next week.”

“The offense played great and put up points as they should. The defense has to do their part. It’s a disappointing start, but it’s not over.”

“I feel like the players on both sides of the ball played good and even though they are 4-3 they’re still a really good football team.”

  • 2022 three-star offensive line target Matthew McCoy

“I didn’t watch the game, but I’ve heard a lot of things need to be worked on.”

“Clearly, nobody likes losing, but the mistakes we are making are fixable. I believe in my big bros!”

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