SEC Teleconference: Injury bug bites LSU

Oct 13, 2021 | 0 comments

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    Heading into Saturday’s SEC rivalry game between the No. 20 Florida Gators and LSU, head coaches Dan Mullen and Ed Orgeron shared their thoughts leading up to the game during Wednesday’s SEC Teleconference.


    Dan Mullen

    • From the beginning, it seemed like the onus was not on the ranked Gators heading into Saturday’s matchup against an unranked and injury-ridden LSU squad as Mullen’s time on the podium spanned for about half of Ed Orgeron’s.
    • Mullen’s first question probed into his sentiment towards the LSU rivalry going into Saturday’s matchup. The Gators have lost three out of their last four games against LSU including losses to an unranked LSU team in two of those losses. Mullen highlighted the rivalry label on the game and the importance of seeing LSU as a challenge. “It’s a great challenge,” Mullen added, “It will be a battle right down to the very end and it should be fun.” Mullen also emphasized the constant crossovers between the two teams and prioritized focus heading into the game. “Our guys are focusing; they know this is a big game. So, I think that draws their attention on it within the preparation and getting ready to play.”
    • Florida’s penalty struggles ultimately cost the Gators the game against Kentucky with 15 penalties totaling 115 yards. The problem persisted last week against Vanderbilt, with eight penalties totaling 80 yards. It may have not cost Florida the game last week in the blowout, but Mullen was asked to share his thoughts on the season’s penalty problems. Mullen emphasized the need to address the problem at both the individual and team capacity. “We pay attention to detail to make sure we’re doing the right thing.”
    • Mullen backed coach Orgeron’s emphasis on having a balanced offense in an attempt to reach a “50/50” balance between the run and pass game. “I think most coaches want that 50/50 balance.” Mullen pointed out that some teams are more focused on throwing like Mississippi State while other teams may just run it every play like Army and Navy. “A lot of teams like 50-50 balance, we’re kind of that same way.” Mullen added that the balance between the rush and pass can change from year to year. “Last year we were very heavily skewed to the pass. This year I hear from our people that we’re very heavily skewed to the run. But I do think you do strive to be 50/50 with offensive balance but you’re also going to play to the strengths of your players.”

    Ed Orgeron

    • Coach Orgeron had to answer early about his team’s injury problems, especially heading into a tough stretch of games that will see a weakened LSU face Florida, Ole Miss, Alabama, and Arkansas. “It does make it tough. But you know — next man up, somebody’s got to rise up to the occasion.” Orgeron conceded that they have lost several starters on defense but encouraged the young backups to step up and take their opportunity to help the team.


    WCC: Updates on everything Mullen and Orgeron had to say can be seen HERE.

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