Recruit Reaction: 'I thought they made it look easy'

Oct 11, 2021 | 0 comments

Inside the Gators asked Florida commitments and targets for their thoughts on the Gators 42-0 win over Vanderbilt. Find out what Nick Evers, Matthew McCoy, Isaiah Hastings, and others thought of the game.

“I thought we played well — you don’t have a 42-0 win without doing a lot of things right.  We still have our best football in front of us though…you can just feel it.”

  • 2023 offensive guard Sean Thompkins

"It was really cool. The environment was cool. The coaches showed very much love. Just a good environment. It was real loud it was very entertaining. Any win is always a good win, but the main reason Florida won that game is because they played as a team from the first to the fourth quarter. Any team that does that is going to like the outcome after the game. Shout out to the offensive line because the pass protection was amazing. The atmosphere was out of the world from the staff to the fans. I had a lot of fun out there with you guys."

  • 2022 three-star quarterback Davin Wydner

"I thought the atmosphere was great for a game that had the Gators forecasted as more than a five-touchdown favorite. For the first three quarters, Gator Nation was definitely a factor in the play on the field, obviously with the score and Homecoming people didn’t all stay until the end. As far as how the offense went, Gators' receivers seemed to be open all over the field. You could tell that Coach Mullen and the offensive staff definitely wanted to take their shots down the field early and often. I actually thought Vanderbilt did a good job on assignment football when it came to the Gators rushing attack, especially with their assignments on the quarterback run game that the Gators have. Obviously, the firepower that the Gators have proved to be way too much for the Commodores."

  • 2023 offensive lineman Mikah Wilson

"Well for starters I really loved the energy from the team, the crowd, and everyone that was there. I play offensive line and what I saw was unison between not only each other but the quarterback as well. They trust each other to complete the blocks and do their job to the fullest to make the best plays. Even if they messed up a play they just shook it off and got their mind right for the next one. Overall it is a whole new world compared to high school football."

"I think Florida played amazing and could have played even better knowing how talented the players are and upfront. I thought they dominated. The running backs made everything look easy."

“I thought they made it look easy and I thought the offensive line did their thing. The atmosphere was amazing. They had the chants and the traditions in the stands.”

"It was good, but as you know there's always room for improvement."

  • 2022 three-star offensive line target Ramier Lewis

"It was an easy win. There were a few mistakes that can be easily fixed, but both side of the ball did good. The fans went crazy and it was just fun watching the team go crazy and the fans cheering them on."

  • 2025 running back Taevion Swint

"I think the running backs dominated the defense today. Just by them coming out of the backfield and catching balls and run after the catch. It made the game exciting, they bring a lot of energy to the offense. They open a lot of things up for the offense today. I had a blast Today the swamp is lit Fire!”

  • 2024 four-star safety target Jordan Pride

“I had a school event today (Saturday), so I couldn't make it. I watched it on TV. They played good. The defensive backs didn’t give up any big plays in this game."

"I feel like they played well and the defensive line did a good job."

  • 2023 athlete target Creed Whittemore

"It was great to see a lot of people getting the ball."

  • 2024 defensive line target Sincere Edwards

"Yup, the Gators defense held them to a donut. I love that! I love the way Zach Carter performs, so I got to see him in person today. And the atmosphere was amazing. It’s a place I can see myself at. The atmosphere was amazing. Even though it was Vanderbilt the crowd was still real active bouncing the beach balls, doing the wave. I had a good time out here."

  • 2025 quarterback target Carter Smith

"The win was very impressive, and the offense was really explosive. The atmosphere was electric, I can only imagine what it’s like when they play a top-ranked team."

  • 2023 quarterback Brayson Hubbard

"The offense performed very well and I loved the environment in the Swamp, and also loved the way that Emory Jones commanded the offense."

  • 2025 offensive lineman Chavez Thompson

"Fun. It was really nice. It was loud. They've got really good fans. It felt really good. Like that’s gonna be me in a couple of years. It felt right."


Cory Benavides and Chris Will contributed to this report


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