Mullen on Monday: Mullen trusts Jones to throw deep

Oct 4, 2021 | 0 comments

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Dan Mullen and Todd Grantham spoke to the media on Monday, sharing their thoughts on last Saturday’s performance against Kentucky and more.

Here are the highlights:

Dan Mullen

  • The onslaught of penalties throughout the game was a big talking point. He mentioned not remembering another instance where a team he coached had 15 penalties in a game. He said it was one of those games where you just couldn’t get into a rhythm. “We had 15 penalties,” he said. “That’s on me. Those penalties are on me.”
  • Part of that penalty problem was due to issues with the snap count. He said the snap count is their snap count and plenty of teams across the country use it. You can certainly adjust a cadence in-game but “easier said than done.” Mullen said they’d look at it this week.
  • He was also asked about not trying to get points before the half with the ball and three timeouts. Mullen brought up how UK also had all three when the Gators were pinned back. If they end up punting it could provide a momentum swing heading into half if UK scores like last year’s game for Florida. Mullen said had Kentucky punted from the five it might’ve been different. But by the time they got within range, there were only 30 seconds left so he decided to pack it in.
  • Another big topic was not throwing the ball deep. Mullen actually brought up they tried a couple of times on that last drive before the half but Kentucky dropped eight in coverage and forced Emory Jones to check it down. Despite not many throws over 20 yards this season, Mullen said he trusts Jones throwing the ball deep.

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  • On dealing with frustration while on the sideline: Frustration is an emotion, a mental state. It can lead to negativity and point someone in a bad direction. Sometimes it can spiral or create a big negative. The key is using that frustration as motivation to get better, not to try and change what’s already happened.

Todd Grantham

  • Grantham spoke about linebackers with Ventrell Miller out. They have some guys who can play both inside and outside linebacker because they’ve been cross-trained. That’s why he moved someone like Jeremiah Moon into the inside backer position to offer flexibility. Same with Mohamoud Diabate.
  • Avery Helm and Jason Marshall Jr. held their own against the Wildcats on Saturday. Grantham mentioned how Helm’s first real reps came in the Cotton Bowl. That gave him a chance to get comfortable and learn what he needed to improve on to be the player they needed him to be in 2021. Marshall is a guy with great talent and is a coachable player who works to improve. That’s why the Gators depended on him already this season.
  • The Florida defense had some big penalties. One on Elijah Blades for a late hit out of bounds and another on Antonio Valentino on an interception return. Some penalties, like with Blades, are inexcusable and you have to be smarter. The penalty like Valentino’s is a guy in the heat of the moment trying to make a play. They’ll continue to show examples and educate guys for those situations.
  • He was asked about the STAR role and what Jadarrius Perkins brings to it. It’s something Florida knew he played a little of. Being comfortable with the outside corners, Florida put him there. The biggest thing is he provides depth and flexibility because it allows Tre’Vez Johnson to rest or play safety if need be.
  • The Gators brought Miller on the road trip because honestly Grantham’s not used to having so many spots open. He’s used to having a little over 20 guys so they prepare like that with personnel. Not to mention, Miller is a player the team respects and can act as an extra set of eyes and a coach on the sideline.


WCC: Updates on everything Dan Mullen and Todd Grantham had to say can be seen HERE.

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