Recruit Reaction: 'I feel they’ll be back'

Oct 3, 2021 | 0 comments

Inside the Gators asked Florida commitments and targets for their thoughts on the Gators 20-13 loss to Kentucky. Find out what Nick Evers, Derrick LeBlanc, Tony Mitchell, and others thought of the game.

“I was surprised a little bit, but nowadays anything can happen. Honestly, no losses or wins really affect how I feel about a school at the moment.”

  • 2024 offensive line target Eddy Pierre-Louis

“It was a great game overall. Both teams came out to play their hardest. It was very loud at the game, so I could tell they couldn’t hear the cadence.”

  • 2023 athlete target Kenton Kirkland

“It was a good game and the guys fought to the end, but if they could clean up some of those costly mistakes they would be a lot better.”

“Florida still stands the same for me, they just had a bad game. It be like that sometimes

“It was just a game where they thought they could come in and whoop them, but it’s a wake-up call to get it together and come together as a team. They are still one of my top schools.”

  • 2024 offensive tackle target Kam Pringle

“I feel like it was a very sloppy game by the Gators, referring to all of the penalties. The defense did a pretty good job considering they only gave up maybe 13 points. The offense just has to score more in a game like that when I feel like the Gators had the upper hand upfront. This loss hurts the history of Florida, but I feel they’ll be back!”

  • 2023 offensive line target Bryce Lovett

“I think Florida is still a great team. One loss doesn’t define a team and I think they are still having a great season and they are going to continue to have a great season.”

“I didn’t have a chance to watch because I just got out of my own game.”

“Everybody hates losing, but unfortunately we really beat ourselves, to be honest! No doubt we will be back in the lab today and get it cleaned up!”

  • 2023 offensive line target Patrick Screws

“It was a tough loss, but for where they stand with me, they are still a top team.”

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