Visitor Quick Q&A: Florida is 'up there' for Top 50 target

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Inside the Gators caught up with several of the prospects visiting Florida for Saturday night's game against Tennessee. Here are the Quick Q&A sessions Chris Will held with them outside of the Swamp.

Find out where Florida stands early on with top targets such as Bryson Rodgers, Ayden Williams, Derrick LeBlanc, and Kolby Collins.

Four-star receiver commit Raymond Cottrell‍ 

Q: Now that you are committed, what are coaches still telling you and what are you looking forward to?
A: “Nothing crazy. They are just saying when you get up here we going to work. We are going to get on the field and we are going to do what we do.”

Q: What’s it like with a guy like Anthony Richardson on the team that you would potentially play with?
A: “AR15? I would love that. The thing about it that I love is that I know if he can’t get it to me, I know he is going to gain a bunch of yards.”

Four-star receiver target Bryson Rodgers

Q: Who are you talking to the most on the staff?
A: “Coach [Billy] Gonzales. Ever since me and Coach G met up one day, it has just been a great connection. Not just as a coach, but as a great guy as well. I love that guy.”

Q: Any plans to come back?
A: “I will be back for the Vanderbilt game here and I will be back for the Florida State game. I can’t wait, can’t wait to be back.”

Q: Who else is recruiting you right now?
A: “Alabama, another SEC school. I fit their program, fit their style. It’s another SEC school that really likes me and reaches out to me a lot. Definitely looking at them as well.”

Q: What did you think of the atmosphere, it was a little bit more alive than FAU?
A: “Absolutely, just the culture you feel it. It’s just something you can’t feel on TV and you got to come here and feel that atmosphere and that culture. Definitely a special feeling.”

Q: Growing up in Florida, did grow up a fan of any of the Florida schools?
A: “Definitely Florida. Florida was one of the first colleges I ever knew about. As a kid it was Ohio State, Penn State, and Florida. Moving to Florida, Florida was always a top program, an elite program and I had a dream of coming here. It’s been a dream come true.”

Q: As a wide receiver, what does it mean to have young quarterbacks on the rosters of some of the schools you’re being recruited to?
A: “Yeah absolutely, Anthony Richardson is just an absolute freak. Knowing I could have a chance to play with that guy in just a year or two is just a great thing to look at.”

Q: What are some of the things you’ll prioritize when it comes down to making a decision?
A: “Definitely the culture, a home away from home. Florida, it fits it great. An hour and 44-minute drive just for me and my family, can come up to any game they want to watch. Also, great academics, I mean there’s a life after football, so you always got to stay motivated, stay positive to that as well. Top five program in the country when comes to on and off the field, you can’t beat it.”

Q: What did you think of Tom Petty and “Won’t Back Down”?
A: “Man, that is awesome. I haven’t seen that anywhere else and I’ve been to a Penn State White-Out game, Florida State, Notre Dame game and I saw nothing like that.”

Q: How does Florida rank among your top contenders?
A: “Definitely top two, top three.”

2023 four-star receiver target Ayden Williams

Q: Where are you looking to visit, do you want to make a return to the Swamp?
A: “I definitely want to make a return to the Swamp. I probably want to head to Ole Miss just because I haven’t been there a lot. Definitely, Ole Miss and Mississippi State just to check out my home schools.”

Q: What did you like about the receivers tonight?
A: “I was really just watching how they work. Off the line and stuff like that, you can always pick up new things. Like press coverage I was really just watching how they work.”

Q: What schools are standing out right now?
A: “Right now, just Florida and Ole Miss.”

Q: What do you make of the young players on the roster like Anthony Richardson?
A: Definitely want to play with the dogs on the field. You know playing with other dogs just makes the game fun.”

2023 four-star defensive end target Kelby Collins‍ 

Q: What do you think of Florida as a whole right now?
A: “I like Florida a lot. I like the coaching staff they have. I like the defense they run and how they use all their guys and how many guys they play a game that means a lot.”

Q: Who do you talk to most on the staff?
A: “I talk to Coach [David] Turner a lot, Coach [Christian] Robinson.”

Q: Anything Florida is doing that is drawing you here?
A: “Just how they play on Saturdays. How I see them play on defense and how I see myself fitting in there.”

2023 four-star defensive line target Derrick LeBlanc‍ 

Q: Besides Florida, what other schools are recruiting you right now?
A: “Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, Texas A&M, and Miami.”

Q: Where would you put Florida among your contenders?
A: “Oh, they are up there. They like- oh I almost said something right there, the top, they are up there.”

Q: What are the coaches telling you?
A: “Like they always tell me, that you aren’t leaving the state, you belong with the Gators.”

2023 three-star athlete commit Aaron Gates

Q: What types of things are were looking at when you picked Florida?
A: “Academics obviously and then just the relationships with the coaches that played a big part.”

Q: What coaches did you get to talk to today?
A: “I got to speak with Coach [Dan] Mullen before the game. [He] Just said I looked good and that this place is going to get rocking tonight and it did.”

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