Recruit Reaction: 'It was a huge win by the Gators!'

Sep 26, 2021 | 0 comments

Inside the Gators asked Florida commitments and targets for their thoughts on the Gators 38-14 win over Tennessee. Find out what 16 prospects, including four-stars Nick Evers, Derrick LeBlanc, Mac Markway and Kelby Collins thought of the game.

"It was a huge win by the Gators! The tight ends had great blocks and a few catches with a touchdown from Kemore Gamble. The atmosphere was breathtaking. I can’t wait to make plays in the Swamp."

"It was a good game as we knew it would be. The offensive line played amazingly. All the Coach [John] Hevesy slander needs to stop. He’s the best offensive line coach in the nation and he deserves his credit."

  • 2023 four-star athlete Andrew Harris

“I loved how the atmosphere was, it was very intense. My feelings about the players playing at my position, I felt that they knew what they were doing and everything looks very slow to them.”

  • 2023 offensive line target Bryce Lovett

"The game was crazy. I had a good time and the players on the whole offensive line are super good. The fans are crazy. That was the craziest stadium I’ve been in so far."

  • 2023 wide receiver target Creed Whittemore

"It was a great atmosphere and it was good to see a lot of players getting the ball, especially at receiver. On Trent's throw, I told him just make sure he’s open because you don’t want to throw a pick. It was pretty cool though."

  • 2023 three-star wide receiver commit Darren Lawrence

"Man, I think the wide receivers did very well catching the ball and making plays. The crowd was wild."

  • 2024 linebacker target Zavier Hamilton

"I feel like it was the definition of what Florida is, the fact that they were losing but rallied together and dominated the game. The players really defined what a Florida Gator is and the culture that comes with it. The atmosphere was absolutely ridiculous, it’s second to none."

  • 2023 offensive line target Patrick Screws

"They played a great game. The players at my position did a good job of opening holes. The atmosphere was different. It’s loud and the fans stay engaged in the game. The coaches told me to keep working because they see how much progress I have already made."

  • 2024 linebacker target Chason Clark

"So, my grandpa was a Gator back in the 70’s and my dad was a recruit before he got injured, so I’ve actually been to tons of games and lots of cool events, but this was the first time as a recruit. I loved it! It just felt real and natural. I’m all about the vibe and the Swamp vibe is special. I definitely felt the love. I feel like Coach Robinson likes me and that made it even better. I think they’re showing that they finish games! I love that they play with speed and move to the ball. I think they play to CRob's personality and I love his style."

"The atmosphere. It brings a lot of energy, something I would love to be around It just feels like you are a part of the team. Everybody gets to singing and stuff and you a part of a big family. It's crazy. [On I Won't Back Down] It’s a great song, amazing song. I’ve been listening to that song since I was like three. It never gets old."

  • 2023 four-star wide receiver target Bryson Rodgers

"It was a great atmosphere. The fans just show crazy love. Showing love to not just the students, but the athletes as well. I had a great time again. It was a 10/10 experience all the way."

  • 2023 four-star wide receiver target Ayden Williams

"The crowd is real hype. The crowd was live tonight. I mean everybody came and showed love. A lot of energy in the Swamp tonight. I really wanted to get up and suit up so I could play. They really made me want to play out here. Everybody was just so loud and into it."

"It was crazy. It actually made my head hurt for a little bit, so I guess that’s a good thing. [On I Won't Back Down] I thought that was very cool. That’s my first time seeing it here. You all sing songs and stuff like that, that was really neat."

"It wasn’t the same as for the Alabama game, but it was up there I liked it. Yea, I like that. When the lights turn on that’s one of the best traditions. It was really cool."

  • 2023 three-star athlete commit Aaron Gates

"It was crazy. Super loud, super fun atmosphere. It was just amazing all around. I thought they played a really good game versus Tennessee. They had some early mishaps, but it happens. Overall, they played really good."

"We handled our business and took care of a Tennessee team that could have been dangerous after Bama last week. The defense controlled the game and Emory impressed again leading a very balanced offense! The offensive line was great."

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