Flipping Out: Florida flip candidates

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In any given year not all of the names you see on a program's commitment list at this time of the year are going to actually end up signing with said program come the fall.

Inside the Gators takes a look at 10 prospects who are either currently committed to Florida and might jump ship or prospects committed elsewhere who are potential candidates that the Gators may flip.

Isaiah Bond – To be clear, he stood on campus Saturday and told Inside the Gators that he is 100-percent committed to Florida. However, he also said he considers himself having a top three of Florida, Alabama, and Miami and that those other two programs are still in contact with him and he is listening. Of the two, the one that could pose a problem would be the Tide. He said that since the turnover on the staff, the new UA coaching staff is now telling him that they are recruiting him for both offense and defense, while the previous coaches were telling him they wanted him strictly for defense. He already attended the Alabama-Miami game held in Atlanta to kick off the season, it will be worth watching to see if he makes it to Tuscaloosa this season.

De'Carlo Donaldson – Since amping up their recruiting efforts of him over the summer, Florida is still in pursuit of Donaldson heading into the fall. Though UF hasn't offered, they are telling him that they are still evaluating him and if they do, a flip from Tulane would be all but a given.

Jaylon Glover – After visiting Florida a couple of times over the summer Glover was back on campus again Saturday, this time as a commit of Utah. With the way Florida is running the ball this year, you would think that he would start trending the Gators' way, but he is still firm to the Utes. We'll see if he visits again this fall before offering an option as to how flippable he really is.

Julian Humphrey – Though he was back on campus again on Saturday, after visiting Florida twice over the summer, he is still adamant about the fact that he is going to take other official visits to Alabama, Georgia, and LSU. For Florida to feel good about holding on to him, he is going to need to return for another game this season, perhaps the match-up against Florida State.

Keon Keeley – Standing there listening to the way he was going on and on about Florida and how much he loved (his word) the Gators, you would think he was already committed to UF rather than Notre Dame. It's not hard to imagine Keeley attending at least another game this season and then coming up to see his teammate CJ Hawkins multiple times next spring, summer and fall until he eventually flips to Florida himself.

Devin Moore – There's still time, and he is interested enough to make the trip up to Gainesville on Saturday, but of the flip candidates, and I've personally spoken with each of them, he sounded the most solid to his team. He not only said that (as did Bond), but he raved about his relationship with the Notre Dame staff and how much he was into the Irish program. Having said that, he also said Alabama and Florida are pressing him for an official visit and he didn't say he wouldn't be taking them. I would expect to see him back on campus for the UF-FSU game.

Jordan Phillips – Two visits to Florida in the first three weeks of the season tells you all you need to know about what Phillips thinks of UF. What I wonder is where he stands on the board in comparison to Walter Nolen, Isaiah Hastings, Chris McClellan, Mykel Williams, and Jamari Lyons. They are all going to play in the 300-pound range on the next level, and there's obviously not room for everyone, even if they all wanted to come, so do you take a bird in the hand as opposed to two in the bush by taking Phillips right now with Lyons if you feel like you are in decent shape for a Nolen, Williams, McClellan or even Hastings?

Qae'Shon Sapp – It wasn't a surprise to see him choose Florida State over the summer – but now, after a 0-3 start, you have to believe that some of the shine is wearing off the Seminoles program. He was at Florida, decked out in Gators' gear, on Saturday. He said he was still firm with FSU, but we'll see if he takes in another UF game this year.

Mason Taylor – After narrowing his list to Florida and LSU over the summer, Taylor committed to the Tigers. However, that isn't the end of his recruiting process. The Gators are still in contact and he is considering taking an official visit this fall to Gainesville.

Jaron Wills – Not only was the Georgia Tech commit on campus on Saturday for Florida's game against Alabama, but he also told Inside the Gators that he plans on taking an official visit to Florida either next month or for the matchup against Florida State. I do believe that there is a legitimate interest on his part, he comes in so low because with EJ Lightsey and Shemar James already on board, is there room for, or a need of, another linebacker in this class?

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