Hevesy: 36 inches short

Sep 22, 2021 | 0 comments

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Offensive line coach John Hevesy, tight end Kemore Gamble, and center Kingsley Ebuakun spoke to the media on Tuesday.

Here are the takeaways:

  • Hevesy might be even further on the “no moral victory trains” than anybody in the Florida program. “I told my kids we were 36 inches short from being successful last week,” said Hevesy, referencing how close the Gators were to converting the game-tying two-point conversion. 
  • Dan Mullen noted yesterday that sometimes it takes a while for players to adjust to Hevesy’s coaching style. “​​The tradition here has been set, the standard has been set and I think that's in every position that's in everything,” said Hevesy, “give them a plan to work it and once they see the success in doing it, they buy into it.” He also noted how players need time to develop, saying, “I've never had an expectation for you to walk in here and play because it's a different level of football from high school, it's different mentally it's different physically.”
  • Hevesy mentioned how little it matters to him that the team is more run-focused compared to last year. “For me, it's one statistic I always look at is the wins and losses. That's what it comes down to in the long run,” said Hevesy. He also added that protecting the quarterback is just as physical and as big a point of pride for the offensive line as run blocking. Kingsley Eguakun did add that he enjoys more run focus, saying it lets the team physically dominate more.
  • Eguakun also said Hevesy has helped him grow a lot in his time with the Gators. “You can't play in this league and be soft mentally physically in any aspect really,” said Eguakun, “playing for Hev is great because he's so specific with what he wants and he says specifically what he teaches us.”
  • Kemore Gamble had high praise for his quarterback Emory Jones, noting how he’s grown from week to week, also saying, “he's different, he's gonna be one of the best quarterbacks in this conference.” Gamble also noted how the tight ends have been in the game plan this season but were more open against Alabama. “I guess they forgot about us,” said Gamble.


WCC: Updates on everything John Hevesy, Kingsley Eguakun, and Kemore Gamble had to say can be seen HERE.

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