After 'awesome' visit, Top 100 target has two programs standing out

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Owasso (Ok.) four-star defensive lineman @Chris McCl">Chris McClellan‍ may have been the prospect who traveled the furthest to watch Florida take on Alabama on Saturday, but without question, he is the visitor who was on campus the longest amount of time.

As Inside the Gators reported on our Weekend Vistor Updates

the 6-foot-4, 292-pounder, who arrived in Gainesville Friday night and was on campus early Saturday morning.

According to McClellan, he learned more about Florida during this one-day visit than he did during his two-day official visit back in June.

“It was awesome,” said McClellan. “I got a more in-depth look this time. When I was there during the summer they obviously weren't doing anything, just regular workouts, but this time I got there at 9 and left the stadium at 9 and I got to see how they prepare for games and see what they do leading up to the game from going through the walk-thru in the morning in the indoor practice fields to seeing what they on a game day, it was a great experience. What they do to prepare clearly translated to on the field.”

Florida playing No. 1 Alabama so tight just illustrated to McClellan how close the Gators are to being a national championship-contending program themselves.

“Honestly, Bama came out and did what Bama does, it was so one-sided to start the game I thought it was going to be over early, but clearly Florida was the better team the whole second half. I honestly think that if they [Florida] had Anthony Richardson, that game goes to Florida. I don't think they would have needed a two-point conversion if he had played.”

Though he was pulling for Florida in the game, McClellan admitted he was a bit torn.

His cousin, Jase McClellan, plays running back for the Tide.

“I was visiting Florida so I was wanting Florida to win, but it was hard seeing my cousin out there because I want to see him perform. He did a great job and seeing him do that in a big game gives me hope because I think if he can do it why can't I?”

McClellan said that Florida coaches see him being capable of coming in and contributing for the Gators just like his cousin does for the Tide.

“Their message is don't let the recruiting hype or outside noise get to me, they are going to need to replace some d-linemen after this season and they think I have the ability to come in and compete for the spot Zach Carter is leaving open.”

That was a great experience. It was my first Florida game, and my first SEC game, and I got to see two of the best play a great game,” said Williams. “That was the loudest crowd I've ever heard. For game day experience, that's the best game I've been to.”

Now, after visiting Florida and Ohio State over the summer, McClellan has official visits upcoming to Oklahoma this weekend and then to Alabama when they play Tennessee.

Though according to his public leaderboard programs such as Alabama, Florida, LSU, Ohio State, Oklahoma, and USC are still involved, he said in his heart of hearts, it is a two-team battle.

“I'm saying it's between two teams and I'm going to commit around October 1st to the 5th, somewhere around that time,” said McClellan. When asked if he wanted to drop a hint as to who those finalists are, he declined and said to stay tuned to find out.

McClellan is the No. 93 ranked prospect in the nation according to the 247 Sports Composite.

The Inside Scoop: McClellan has been all over the map, but only among a handful of programs. Six months ago I would have placed my money on Florida. Three months ago I would have changed that to Ohio State, a month ago I would have said it is between the Buckeyes and Gators, but now I think it's going to be either the OU or UF.

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