Grantham: Cox had his best game

Sep 21, 2021 | 0 comments

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Florida defensive coordinator Todd Grantham met with the media on Monday to discuss his defense’s performance against No. 1 Alabama last Saturday.

Here are the takeaways:

  • One thing that Grantham talked about with his defense before Saturday’s game was ignoring the noise at the beginning of the game. “Our guys have worked really hard and invested a lot into playing, and they were ready. But, in games like that, you have got to make sure you ignore the noise, you focus, and you have the attention to detail we talked about,” Grantham said. He added that they didn’t start that way, but Saturday was a good example of making adjustments as the defense settles in.
  • Grantham spoke highly of Brenton Cox Jr. and his performance and energy on Saturday. “That was his best game to date since he’s been here. He had really good pressure on the quarterback. He had some hurries. He got the one sack, but you can credit the secondary for that from a coverage standpoint for taking the route they wanted to go to away. He continued to work,” Grantham said. He added that Cox Jr. has worked hard to be a complete linebacker. Grantham pointed out that he comes in on Mondays, studies who his matchup on the opposing team’s offensive line is, figures out the best way to attack them, and then practice those specific attacks against the scout team that week. Grantham concluded by pointing out that the Alabama game was the most that Cox Jr. has played this season as he was mostly held out of the second half of both the FAU and the USF game.
  • Grantham spent time talking about sixth-year linebacker Jeremiah Moon and his versatility. Moon moved to the Mike linebacker position this season (and played there all three games) after playing primarily the BUCK position the previous five. He clarified that the move had nothing to do with Ventrell Miller’s injury, but it is because of his versatility. “I think the world of Jeremiah Moon,” Grantham said. He explained all of the traits that make Moon versatile. “He can play off the ball. He can play at the end of the line. He can give you a pass rush. He can cover. We are going to find ways to utilize a player like that.”
  • A big takeaway from Saturday’s game was the impressive play on the rush defense and the need to improve on tackling in space. Grantham explained that most of the missed tackles were out in space. The margin for error is smaller against a championship team. “When you’re facing a championship team like that, leverage matters, distance from the guy matters, your communication matters. You have got to be on the same page with your communication to make sure you execute together,” Grantham said. On the rush defense, he fully expected them to play as good as they did during the game, but that they need to start faster. This was the third time since 2014 that Alabama was held to under 100 yards rushing.
  • To conclude, Grantham briefly talked about the questionable pass interference calls and some of the other missed calls during the game. “You play the hand you are dealt. From a defensive perspective, we understand the rules. We’re going to play aggressive, and we’ll continue to play aggressive,” Grantham said.


WCC: Updates on everything Todd Grantham and Jeremiah Moon had to say can be seen HERE.

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