Recruit Reaction Part II: 'They didn’t back down, they stood their ground'

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Inside the Gators asked Florida commitments and targets for their thoughts on the Gators 31-29 loss to Alabama. Find out what 16 prospects, including four-star commit Isaiah Bond and four-star target Austin Ausberry thought of the game.

Recruit Reaction Part I: 'I really enjoyed every second of the game'

  • 2024 four-star offensive line target Daniel Calhoun

“That was a tough loss. Alabama got on top of Florida in the first half but Florida fought back. They struggled a bit in the first half but Coach Mullen made his adjustments and I thought they looked really good. I like the way the offensive line pulled, that running game was good also. The stadium was packed and loud! I loved it, can’t wait to go back!”

Although Florida didn’t come on top they did legendary things in that game! They held Alabama’s run game! And they were really shutting them down, but with all the bad calls it didn’t go their way! They are definitely going to see them again and it will be a good one!”

  • 2023 athlete target Kenton Kirkland

“We played a heck of a game!! A couple of mental mistakes, but those guys can easily make it up and improve.”

“The atmosphere was crazy. I loved every second of the day. The receivers played great, they spread the field very well, also they got open fast and they’re all very physical. What I didn't see is  a deep threat and I think I can change that for them. I’m an all-around guy. I can play slot or outside. I can’t wait to be there.”

“The tight ends played good. It’s going to be a huge rivalry, and I’m looking forward to playing them in future SEC Championship games. I’ll be there next weekend for the Tennessee game.”

“It was an amazing atmosphere. The fans were going crazy, the energy was there. I liked the way they were down and fought their way back. The receivers had some good plays, which I liked. It was an overall good experience.”

  • 2023 offensive line target Zechariah Owens

“I wasn’t surprised that Florida pulled off a close game, they look amazing this year. And the atmosphere was unbelievable like its just something I could never forget.”

“Florida players showed lots of grit. They didn’t back down, they stood their ground. I thought the wide receivers did good. Both offense and defense looked good. The jet flyover and the crowd were both loud. I think the crowd staying in the game when we were down was great!”

  • 2024 offensive line target Eddy Pierre- Louis

“It was a great game. Both teams played great. The atmosphere was crazy. Everyone was loud and also happy.”

“I think the players played great and fought through until the end. The atmosphere was electric.”

  • 2023 athlete target RJ Johnson

“I was very impressed with the way Florida played Saturday. I think the secondary did a great job despite all the bad calls that were thrown on them. The crowd was electric, definitely the best atmosphere I’ve ever been in!”

  • 2022 quarterback target Dylan Riz

”I thought it was a great game! The atmosphere was unreal and I thought the offense played their hearts out. It was a very fun experience.”

"Man it was crazy. The Swamp was electric."

  • 2022 offensive line target Ramier Lewis

“I think it was a great game! The offensive line dominated and so did the whole offense. The defense made great stops in the second half and it was a dawg fight. It was fun to watch. The atmosphere was crazy. I thought my eardrums were going to blow. It gave me the chills, and it was just making me want to gear up and just go play.”

  • 2024 Four-star defensive end target Gavin Hill

“It was fun. I had a lot of fun. It was a lot of excitement. It felt like home. It was a good fight. I like the fight that the Gators put up to come back and to just lose by two is a good game.”

“It was a good experience. A lot of people should experience the atmosphere. It felt good. Talking to the players, talking to coaches, standing on the sideline watching the game it was great man, greatest feeling.  It was a great gameday environment. The fans, they love them. The fans are crazy, I like it.”

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