Recruit Reaction: 'They have quick-strike ability'

Sep 13, 2021 | 0 comments

Inside the Gators asked Florida commitments and targets for their thoughts on the Gators 42-20 win over South Florida. Find out what commit Nick Evers and others thought of the game.

Note: Though multiple commits and targets were asked for their reaction to the UF-USF game, not a lot of them replied, and many who did said that they were at other games or didn't watch it.

  • 2023 four-star offensive line target Deandre Duffus

“I attended the UM game so I didn't get to watch it live, but I definitely watched the highlights The offense is explosive. They have quick-strike ability and are very energetic I like what I saw."

  • 2024 defensive tackle target D'antre Robinson

"I feel like the defense had great energy and #7 [Jeremiah Moon] had a great rush to the quarterback for the Gators' defense to get that pick. Zach Carter is a beast and the Gators quarterback is great with putting the ball on the money."

"I love seeing my big bros handle their business on both sides of the ball. Both Emory [Jones] and AR [Anthony RIchardson] showed how explosive they can be! I'm just hoping AR is ready to roll for next week's big game! Go Gators!"

"It was a nice smooth game and the Gators put up a lot of points, like how I expected coming into today's game. There were a lot of yards put up on offense, that's exactly what I'm looking forward to!"

  • 2022 offensive line target Ramier Lewis

"I think they did great! The offensive line did great, they gave Emory Jones time to get the ball off, and the defense was making big stops."

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