Recruit Reaction: 'I thought it was a great win'

Sep 5, 2021 | 0 comments

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Inside the Gators asked Florida commitments and targets for their thoughts on the Gators 35-14 win over Florida Atlantic. Find out what four-star commit Nick Evers, 2023 four-star Cedric Baxter, as well as others thought of the game.

  • 2023 athlete target Kenton Kirkland

“It was a great win last night! I think the defensive backs played very good and held their own.”

  • 2023 four-star defensive end target Wilky Denaud

“Unfortunately I wasn't there, I would have liked to have been there, but from watching it on tv the atmosphere looked amazing. Like they take a lot of pride in their Gators. I loved Gervon Dexter. Zach Carter was amazing. He's a great person. He helped me better myself when I came to the camp up there. They played amazingly, and just the whole defensive side of the ball played well. They were firing at all cylinders. I’m not sure when yet, but I'll be up there for a game for sure.”

  • 2022 four-star offensive line target Malik Agbo

“I think it’s a really good start to what UF has coming up this year. I feel like everybody did their job, which is what gave them the outcome of the game.”

  • 2023 four-star linebacker target Raylen Wilson

“I thought the energy in the Swamp was insane. I thought the linebackers and defensive line did great.”

“The atmosphere was great, the fans were loud and hyped and the fans came up to me and greeted me. I loved it. The win could have been better, but we got it! The offensive line played great and gave the quarterbacks great time in the pocket.”

“Florida played great. I wasn’t there but I know the atmosphere was amazing the way the wide receivers just had Intensity and the energy they brought to the table was awesome. It’s something I am going to love to be a part of.”

  • 2023 four-star wide receiver target Bryson Rodgers

“It was absolutely amazing. The atmosphere was insane, and the offense played a pretty solid game.”

  • 2023 offensive line target Jordan Church

“I feel they did great. Especially for the offense to rush for 400 yards. That’s crazy good.”

  • 2024 linebacker target Zavier Hamilton

“I didn’t attend the game but from what I watched, they were totally dominant. The defense was flying around and their offense was fast-paced and aggressive. The defense was especially making big plays and forcing them to go three and out consistently.”

“I thought it was a great win. What impressed me the most was the way they were able to run the ball. UF has reached out to me a lot since the 1st (the day coaches could officially begin recruiting prospects in the Class of 2023).”

“I was happy UF got the convincing win! While we have some things we will clean up, you kind of expect that first game and I know my big bros will take care of business. I can’t wait to get down there and feel all the energy from the fans in the Swamp! Go Gators.”

  • 2022 three-star safety Elijah Hopkins

“The game atmosphere was very loud and the crowd is involved and cheering the whole time.  it was a good atmosphere and I feel like the players at my position did a good job during the game.”

  • 2023 offensive lineman Lucas Simmons

“Everything was great! It was a good experience. I loved the atmosphere and I’d love to come back.”

  • 2023 defensive tackle Ka'Shawn Thomas

“Oh man, I loved it. Coach [David] Turner was letting everybody get reps, which is a plus for me because I can get on the field as a true freshman. Gator Nation, I loved it and I can’t wait to return.”

  • 2022 athlete De’Carlo Donaldson Jr.

“It was a great experience. The fans were amazing, the play calling was awesome. Looks like everyone on the team was having fun. The players at my position, in particular, were being used all around the field from tight end to slot receiver to outside receiver.”

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