10 2022 out-of-state prospects the Gator Nation needs to know

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Back in March, Inside the Gators released a list of 10 out-of-state prospects that the Gator Nation needed to know heading into the spring and summer months.

From that list, one committed to Florida, four are committed elsewhere, and while five are still on the market, there's really only one [@Jacobey Mathews] worth following at this point in time.

To be clear, these aren’t 10 prospects Florida leads for or we are predicting will sign with the Gators, they are simply 10 out-of-state prospects in the Class of 2022 that the Gator Nation needs to keep an eye on whether because they could see their rankings increase or decrease, garner more or less interest from Florida, commit or de-commit or something else entirely different.

Basically, for various reasons, these 10 prospects bear watching.

Trevor Etienne‍ With so many losses at the position, he went from having trouble reaching the coaching staff to likely being a top priority going forward. As we stated in this month's Mock Class, with his brother Travis Etienne up the road in Jacksonville, it makes sense that he might give the Gators more of a look, and UF should be able to get him on campus this fall.

Jalen Farmer‍ – He was one of the standouts among a so-so group of Friday Night Lights offensive linemen, and was offered two days later. Currently, the Gators are going up against East Carolina and Georgia Tech for his services, but he believes he is on the verge of other, big, offers. He may be on the clock as to how long he has before others take his spot in the class as Florida continues to extend offers at the position.

Myron Green‍ – The JUCO defensive tackle was a standout during Florida's ultra-talented June Elite Camp session – drawing particular attention from Dan Mullen (who told him to stay on top of his academics) while in the Swamp. With Florida losing the two defensive tackle transfers after the season, he could see the Gators extend an offer later this fall.

Eston Harris – Right after he released a top five of Alabama, Auburn, Florida State, Georgia, and Oregon at the end of June, Florida came in with an offer. He visited the Gators for their Summer Cookout recruiting event two weeks ago and then stayed and worked out for the coaches afterward. No word from him yet on whether or not the visit elevated UF up his list or if a return visit might take place.

Julian Humphrey – While the other nine prospects on this list are being looked at for potentially good news, in the case of Humphrey, if he makes news this fall, it likely won't be good for the Gators. He is still looking at Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Southern Cal, and Texas A&M, with official visits in the works to see the Tide, Tigers, and Aggies for sure, and likely a fourth one as well. If you follow his actions, it's probably 50/50 that he sticks, and the odds aren't trending in Florida's favor.

Jacoby Mathews‍  Florida went from being in very good shape to Mathews choosing to commit to home-state LSU. Now that he is back on the market, Texas A&M is the program to watch out for, but we'll see if the Gators can get back in on him to the point of getting him on campus this fall.

Cyrus Moss‍  Honestly, I was surprised when Florida made his top five. Of his stated top five of Alabama, Arizona State, Florida, Notre Dame, and Oregon, UF is the only campus he has yet to step foot on. He is scheduled to be part of what should be the Gators' biggest recruiting weekend of the season when he comes in for the Alabama game. How UF performs in that game might be a deciding factor in whether they are a factor for Moss going forward.

Walter Nolen‍ This week he released a top three of Florida, Tennessee, and Texas A&M. From his top eight back in April, through his top five in July to his current top three, Florida has been the consistent, the only program to make all three lists. After visiting campus twice in June, he will be back for the game against Alabama in September. While a commitment may not be as imminent as it once seemed, Florida is still in very good shape here – likely even still the outright leader.

Harold Perkins – He is scheduled to officially visit Florida when the Gators take on Alabama in September. We'll wait to see if that happens, and if it does, will the time on campus make a big enough of an impact to help UF move up his list. Following his visits and social media posts, Texas A&M and LSU look to be in the best shape followed by Texas. Perkins is on this list as we wait and watch to see if the Gators can move up his list this fall.

Evan Stewart‍  Even while keeping Nolen in mind, Stewart is probably still Florida's best chance of landing a five-star prospect in the Class of 2023. As long as he and Nick Evers don't have some sort of falling out – which is unlikely to happen – the Gators have to be considered the team to beat. After visiting twice over the summer, he'll be back at least one, perhaps a couple of times this fall.

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