Inside the Gators: Mock Signing Class 4.0

Aug 4, 2021 | 0 comments

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The biggest question on the mind of those who follow recruiting religiously is what will Florida's final class look like?

How will it all shake out?

The truth is, no one knows for sure.

Not Dan Mullen, not his staff, not you and to be clear, neither do I. There are too many variables in play. Multiple prospects, injuries, transfers, wins, losses new hires, new firings, etc…

You name it, and it could cause a prospect to look at a program differently – which in turn could throw everything into turmoil.

However, what we can do is we can draw on what we currently know to at least give the membership a pretty good idea of where things currently stand. 



As of today, there are FOUR MONTHS remaining until the start of the early signing period in late December and exactly SIX MONTHS remaining until National Signing Day 2022.

Florida has 11 public commitments and currently has open scholarships for 19 signees overall (scholarship seniors, plus open scholarships) – but that number will certainly rise with attrition.

In the end, Florida will likely sign anywhere from 22-24 prospects in the Class of 2022.

The first Wednesday of every month from now until Signing Day Inside the Gators will post a mock class – consisting of the prospects they believe would sign with Florida if TODAY were National Signing Day.

Quarterback (1)

Solid as a Rock: Nick Evers‍ 
One to Watch: Davin Wydner 
Dream Signee: Nick Evers‍ 
Change from Before: None
The Bottom Line: The same as in the first three editions of our Mock Classe, this class is all but certain to include just one quarterback – and that is very likely to be Nick Evers. Realistically the only way that could change is if Florida was to lose an existing quarterback to injury or transfer, forcing them to take another in this cycle.

Running Back (1)

Solid as a Rock:  None
One to Watch: Terrance Gibbs‍ 
Dream Signee: Trevor Etienne‍ 
Change from Before: WIth his commitment, Terrance Gibbs‍ went from being in our projected Mock Class to actually being a part of the class. After committing to North Carolina, Omarion Hampton was dropped as the DS and replaced with Trevor Etienne , and Jaylon Gloverwas added to the Mock Class ahead of his scheduled announcement this week
The Bottom Line: If healthy, and that’s still an if at this point, the addition of Gibbs is as good a high school back as Florida had gotten under Dan Mullen. Having to ‘settle’ for Glover though is a bit of a disappointment after the way the board looked a couple of months ago. Though I included Glover in this Mock Class after his weekend at Florida, it's not a slam dunk yet. He is probably 55-45 in favor of UF over Florida State, but his teammate Sam McCall could help sway the decision in the waning hours. 

Wide Receiver (4-5)

Solid as a Rock: CJ Smith‍ 
One to Watch: Evan Stewart‍ ‍ 
Dream Signee: Evan Stewart‍ 
Change from Before: Replaced Luther Burden‍ with Evan Stewart‍ as the DS
The Bottom Line: It feels like Florida has lost some ground with Jayden Gibson‍ over the last six weeks, but if he had to choose today, I still believe it would be the Gators.  While losing him would be significant, getting Evan Stewart‍ would more than help soften that blow. Luther Burden‍ and Samuel Mbake‍ say that they are going to visit this fall. We’ll see.

Tight End (2)

Solid as a Rock: None
One to Watch: De’Carlo Donaldson 
Dream Signee:  None
Change from Before: Removed Mason Taylor‍ as the OTW after he committed to LSU and replaced him with De'Carlo Donaldson after his two-day weekend visit
The Bottom Line:  After seeing him work out in person, I would think that Florida feels much better about the progress CJ Hawkins‍ has made despite how new he is to the sport. Still, you had to have expected more out of the position this cycle after the year Kyle Pitts turned in. Does getting a pledge from Mac Markway‍ in the Class of 2023 change the way UF approached the position this cycle?

Offensive Line (3-4)

Solid as a Rock: None
One to Watch:  Malik Agbo‍ 
Dream Signee: None
Change from Before: Removed Tyler Bookerfrom the Mock Class and as the DS after his pledge to Alabama. Took Leyton Nelson‍ off the Mock Class. Replaced Qae'Shon Sapp‍ at OTW with Malik Agbo‍ 
The Bottom Line: The options at this position went south in a hurry as Booker, George Fitzpatrick‍, Qae'Shon Sapp(who I believe UF can still be a factor for going forward), Addison Nichols‍, Daughtry Richardson‍, and Drew Sheltoneliminated the Gators in quick order. I don't believe UF is out of it for Leyton Nelson‍, but if it were a slam-dunk, he would have committed by now, or at least made one of his two planned weekend visits to UF, even after the Friday issue with being pulled over. Could UF lose a heads-up battle with UCF. Herb Hand is considered an excellent recruiter? Florida has had to add targets such as Eston Harris, Jacob Hood‍, Jalen Farmer, David Conner, Elijah Zollicoffer, and Belle Glade (Fla.) Glades Central teammates Keon Kindred and Ja'Kavion Nonar to the board.

Defensive Tackle (3-4)

Solid as a Rock: None
One to Watch:  Isaiah Hastings
Dream Signee: Walter Nolen‍ 
Change from Before: Replaced Myron Green‍ as the OTW with Isaiah Hastings 
The Bottom Line: Despite his changing high schools, which puts him closer to Tennessee, and his father's seemingly interest in anyone but Florida, I am sticking to my guns here. If he had to choose today, I am still of the mindset that Walter Nolenwould be a Gator. As for Jamari Lyons‍, though UF still has to monitor what happens with Ohio State, this one feels like it is in the bag. The Gators are still in on Quency Wiggins‍ and Chris McClellan‍ but it feels like they are fading. That leaves Hastings and perhaps Shone Washington‍, Myron Green‍ , and Jordan Phillips to keep an eye on.

Defensive End (3)

Solid as a Rock: None
One to Watch: J'Mond Tapp‍ 
Dream Signee: Cyrus Moss‍ 
Change from Before: Changed OTW from Kenyatta Jackson‍ to J'Mond Tapp‍  
The Bottom Line: Florida isn't in great shape with any of the South Florida trio of Marvin Jones Jr.‍, Nyjalik Kellyand Shemar Stewart‍, but we’ll wait to see if they can get Jones on campus for an official visit before writing off the FSL legacy. The other two ships may have already sailed. After officially visiting in June, Enai White eliminated UF this past week. While another June official visitor, DJ Wesolak‍, is still considering the Orange & Blue. Florida has to get J'Mond Tapp‍ and Cyrus Moss‍ on campus this fall in order to have any chance of salvaging the position this cycle.

Linebacker (2-3)

Solid as a Rock: None
One to Watch: EJ Lightsey‍ 
Dream Signee: Harold Perkins‍ 
Change from Before: Replaced Shawn Murphy‍ as the OTW with EJ Lightsey
The Bottom Line: Either I just didn't see him or Jaron Willis‍ didn't make his planned weekend visit to Florida. He does however still have an official visit to UF planned for the season. The Gators did however get Wesley Bissainthe on campus Saturday, but it may be too little too late when compared to Florida State and Miami. Christian Robinson doesn't hand out a lot of offers, meaning there aren't a ton of options.

Safety (2-3)

Solid as a Rock:  None
One to Watch: Devin Moore‍ 
Dream Signee: Kamari Wilson‍ 
Change from Before: Removed Demari Henderson from OTW and replaced him with Devin Moore‍. Took Tre Donaldsonoff of the Mock Class 
The Bottom Line: It may be an uphill battle, but Florida didn't just send Devin Moore‍ an official offer just because. They were showing him that they are going to continue going after him. Yes, I know he is saying he is a corner, but he looks more like a safety at the moment. I liked Florida’s chances with Azareyeh Thomas‍ even before his two day stay in Gainesville this past weekend. LSU losing five-star Jacoby Mathews‍ though could help open the door for the Tigers. And yes I know Thomas says corner, but like with Moore, I don’t know. As a qualifier here, I included Kamari Wilson‍ in my Mock Class before getting any feedback from him on how his trip to Georgia went.

Cornerback (2)

Solid as a Rock: None
One to Watch: Jaheim Singletary‍ 
Dream Signee: Earl Little Jr.‍ 
Change from Before: Removed Julian Humphrey‍ from the Mock Class. Moved Jaheim Singletary‍ from DS to OTW and replaced him as the DS with Earl Little Jr.‍ 
The Bottom Line: Thankfully for them, the Gators have signed some top prospects and gotten a couple of transfers at the position, because this looks like Florida is headed to a disappointing finish at cornerback. If he had to choose today, I don't believe Julian Humphrey‍ would sign with Florida. If Texas A&M came at him with open arms, he would embrace them in a heartbeat. Depending on their numbers, even Alabama would likely finish ahead of UF and that was all before Georgia entered the picture.  Jaheim Singletary‍ came back on the market with his decommitment from Ohio State. I never thought that was going to last, from before he even made it. However, I also don’t believe he is the superstar that the services say he is. Either way, UF will have to battle Georgia and Miami for his services. 

Kicker (1)

Solid as a Rock: Trey Smack‍ 
One to Watch: None
Dream Signee: None
Change from Before: None 
The Bottom Line:  Florida is one and done at the position.

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