Getting to Know: Tight End Signee Gage Wilcox

May 25, 2021 | 0 comments

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The relatively newly reconstructed Tampa-to-Gainesville pipeline continues with the addition of 2021 tight end Gage Wilcox‍. Wilcox, the highest-rated tight end in Florida’s 2021 class, had one of those rare recruiting processes where the player commits early, stays committed, and then goes silent until National Signing Day.

Now, just weeks away from enrolling at the school he grew up a fan of, Wilcox opened up about his recruitment process and gave Inside the Gators insight into his personal life in this edition of Getting to Know.


Take us through the process that led to your commitment. What was that experience like for you?
”It was a really fun experience. My favorite part was getting to know all the coaches and getting to experience what I can learn from them. My biggest thing with Florida was that I grew up a Florida fan. I always grew up watching them, even though my dad’s a Florida State fan. I didn’t let him have an impact on that because I always hated Florida State.

In the end, it really came down to Florida, Alabama, and Georgia. I liked the big-name schools. But with Florida, I really liked what Mullen was telling me. Also, both of the tight-end coaches, both Larry [Scott] and [Tim] Brew[ster] were great people. They both seem to treat it like a father role and like mentors when I get to college. Florida is also close to home and close to my mom.”

Which school came in second for you? Why?
”Probably Alabama because I really like the tight-end coach, but it turned out good because I think he left. Their facility had a home feel even though it was so far away. But in the end, it is far away. It’s like a nine-hour drive.”

What would you say are some of your greatest strengths as a football player?
”Athleticism, the way I move, strength and probably just mobility and ability to create missed tackles.”

Who is the prospect that you have talked to the most from the Class of 2021?
”Me and Nick Elksnis are pretty tight. I text him like once a week. Me and [Jonathan] Odom are pretty close too because he’s a tight end and he’s from Tampa, so I would see him around a lot. Jordan Young and Desmond Watson are both from Tampa, too, so the same thing with them.




What would be your first purchase if you got drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft?
”I always told myself it’s going to be a green Jaguar convertible with a tan interior for my mother if I’m making big money. For myself, I love cars. I would probably get a Hellcat.”

What is one item that you cannot live without it? Why?
”Probably some type of pet. I’ve always had a dog in my life My dog sleeps with me every night. That’s going to be the second hardest thing to leave when I go to college.”

Who has been the biggest role model for you in your life? Why?
”My mom, because she’s a strong woman. She directs four hospitals and watching her make it to everything shows how strong she is. She also never lets herself be taken advantage of, which has helped me become the person I am today.”

What are your favorite types of music? Do you have a favorite artist or song?
”Rap. My favorite artist is either Polo G or King Von.”

What is your favorite movie?
”Bad Cops.”

If you could meet one person in the world, who would that be?
”I like funny people, so I’d love to meet Kevin Hart.”

If you a chance to go on a dream date, who would it be with?
”Kylie Jenner. I’ve loved that girl since I was a kid.”

Where do you see yourself five years from now?
”Either one of two routes. Hopefully, I make it to the NFL and I’m successful and have sponsorships. If not, I see myself being a firefighter with some sort of small business on the side.

What are three things on your bucket list?
“Go to one of those resorts where you stay on the water and wake-up right on the water.”

What is one thing about you that the Gator Nation would be surprised to find out about you?
”How many other things I can do. I can ice skate and roller skate, I skateboard, I can ride scooters, I can ride a bicycle. Jack of all trades, I would say.”

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