Acclaimed Quarterback Guru: Jones has first round type of talent

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“Heir apparent” or “next in line” are two phrases used to describe Emory Jones throughout his career as a Florida Gator. Now, with the departures of Kyle Trask and Feleipe Franks, Jones is the presumed QB1 for Dan Mullen’s team heading into the 2021 season. And he’s still learning to get better.

In fact, Jones recently trained every day with Quincy Avery, president of QB Takeover, for a week and a half back in April. QB Takeover has a more holistic approach to training. It’s the same thing a player would do if he were getting ready for an NFL season.

Speaking of the NFL, Avery’s someone who works with some of the top talents at the quarterback position.

His clients include Deshaun Watson and Jalen Hurts plus new first-round selections Justin Fields and Trey Lance. Actually, Avery was at the NFL Draft with his fellow Minnesotan in Lance, who he has worked with for quite some time.

Avery’s worked with Jones since seventh or eighth grade. He’s gone from teaching Jones how to throw to seeing him play the quarterback position at a high level.

“I’ve seen him grow at a really high level for a really long time,” he said. “I'm really aware of how talented Emory is. He's truly, to me, like a first-round talent.”

Sometimes a dual-threat quarterback gets labeled as not as good a thrower as, or less accurate than, a pure pocket passer. If you ask Jones’s teammates and Avery, that’s the wrong way to perceive him.

“Anybody who isn’t confident in him throwing the football or being successful in that way just has not seen him throw,” Avery said.

Jones is his own player and — because it’s such an individual-based position — his game isn’t really comparable to anyone else in Avery’s eyes. According to Avery, Jones is excited to show everyone what he can do. In a time where players can leave in an instant if they don’t see the field enough or don’t win the job, Jones stuck with the Gators as he awaited a chance to take the reins.

“To me, it just shows Emory’s level of maturity,” Avery said on the quarterback waiting for his opportunity. “I think that you get a really good idea of how committed he is to being really good at the quarterback position.”

Not only that, but it shows the level of trust he has in the Gator coaching staff. Jones waiting so long shows that the coaching staff really developed him for playing at the highest level, according to Avery.

Starting quarterback for the Florida Gators usually comes with a weighty role as a team leader. Jones’ best leadership trait is just simply doing all the right things. Avery said people take notice when leaders do that and want to emulate it.

“He doesn’t miss class. he doesn't miss meetings, he just does the things he’s supposed to do,” Avery said. “Now, he finally gets the opportunity to take over as the starting quarterback of the University of Florida. And I think people are going to be really happy that he is the quarterback there.”

And Avery knows that will lead Jones to success.

“Emory just needs to keep doing the things that he's doing,” he said. “He's going to be amazing.”

Jones’s only glimpses at playing time over his two years on the bench came as sporadically as the quarterback rotation under Steve Spurrier. Most of his chances were in the form of designed runs and garbage time snaps. However, he was a big topic of discussion during spring camp in 2021. Well, him plus Todd Grantham and his defense.

But even players from that side of the ball were asked about the Georgia native’s prowess as the next starting quarterback for the University of Florida.

Defenders like cornerback Kaiir Elam, linebacker Andrew Chatfield, safety Trey Dean, and defensive lineman Zachary Carter all spoke on and endorsed the redshirt junior’s abilities back in March.

"Not to take anything away from Kyle (Trask), he's a great, great player for us. I love Kyle," Carter said. “But Emory, he brings a different flavor to the offense. Athletic guy, he makes you miss. Basically, he keeps you on your toes, you never know what the offense is going to do. I'm excited with our offense, with the ball in Emory’s hands. I'm excited for him."

Dean said Jones can throw the ball “as well as Kyle Trask” and he’ll be a great dual-threat quarterback who will surprise a lot of people. Mullen even praised Jones’s arm talent and compared it to the much-beloved Trask, without disparaging the former starter of course.

“There’s a lot of throws that Emory can make that Kyle couldn’t make,” Mullen said during an early March press conference. “There’s certain deep balls he can throw, I think, because he has a stronger arm. It’s not a knock on Kyle.”

Additionally, Chatfield said he feels bad for opposing defenses that face Jones because he’s going to be “whew, special.”

"Emory's just really elusive, quick, makes those hard throws,” Chatfield said “It doesn't matter how much pressure you're putting on his back, he's just carrying and carrying it.”

Meanwhile, Elam’s seen Jones’ progression as well and said his great ability as a dual-threat can scare defenses.

“I think he’s doing a good job of just getting better,” Elam said.

Jones is set to work with QB Takeover again this summer.

This time he’ll work with its “Flight School Camp” where he and 19 other top college quarterbacks have been chosen to serve as counselors. Not only that but it provides a great opportunity to learn from and compete with each other.

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