Bullet Points from post practice Zoom conference with Turner and McGee

Mar 12, 2021 | 0 comments

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Florida defensive line coach David Turner and quarterbacks coach Garrick McGee met with the media via a Zoom conference call after Thursday's practice. 

Here is everything they had to say.

David Turner

  • He told Zachary Carter that if he returned to school for another year that he had a chance to establish himself as a lineman and Carter felt deep down he wasn't ready. He made a smart decision and the best decision for him.
  • It was vital for the line to get Antonio Shelton and Daquan Newkirk because Florida needed veteran guys. They were fortunate to get two really good guys, not just players. Turner did his homework. Three things to look at with transfers: goals, why are they leaving and fit. Turner wants guys who are good for the room and the younger ones. Newkirk and Shelton's played at Power 5 schools and had success. They check all the boxes.
  • The thing with young guys is they never get better as quickly as you want them to. The last four practices he saw the second-year defensive tackles get better when it comes to the little things. You kind of have to pick one or two different things to get better at, you can't go out trying to get five or six improvements. All he asks is to show up, work hard and get better. He's pleased to have them and they'll be fine.
  • The best thing about Todd Grantham is he runs an NFL-style defense. It's about putting guys in a position to take advantage of their talents. They create mismatches across the board. In Grantham's defense, if you're a playmaker and learn the defense you can put up some numbers.
  • The defense struggled in the run game last year for a lot of different reasons. The guys are a little bit embarrassed about how they finished and want to rectify that. Turner thinks last year was an anomaly. But he puts the onus on the coaches. They have to do better to get it going and make sure things don't happen. You're always trying to get better.
  • People forget this is only Gervon Dexter’s fourth year playing football. He's still relatively young and was raw at some things fundamentally. The good thing is there weren't any bad habits. But he's gotten better. A lot of people want him to be great right now but he's still new to the game. He discussed that and blocking out the noise with Dexter. He's a prideful kid and who doesn't like not playing well.
  • The coaches have to be careful of expecting Dexter to be great just by looking at him. The great thing about him is he's such a great kid. He takes everything that's said to him and tries to do it.
  •  Princely Umanmielen has a lot of tools and is a gifted young man. He still has to understand the college game and what he has to do. You look at last year and what the guys went through like the shutdown and no spring practice. Turner echoed what other coaches have said about losing the development when you lose a spring. You're more worried about winning the fall and not getting better so there’s no time for it.
  • The only positive Turner could pull from last year was winning the SEC East. They expect to win championships and nobody's pleased with how last year ended. His biggest concern is getting guys ready and the defensive line's depth. They're figuring out who is best at what position. Some guys are learning two positions. They're trying to build consistency.
  • Hopefully, those guys get an opportunity to get into camp. He's not sure if Kyree Campbell was ever 100 percent last year and really thought TJ Slaton was starting to come along. Both of those guys have played a lot of football and he appreciates what they did.

Garrick McGee

  • If you want to have a chance to be great, it starts with quarterback leadership. A team needs to feel like they have a chance to win any game because that guy is on their team. You have to have the accuracy, have a lot of information in your head, and process it. All of these situations are going to come up and you have to have those certain plans for each one slotted in your mind.
  • McGee tells his guys the programs that stay on top are the ones that can transition between quarterbacks. The guys they have now are ready to step in but it's about the transition from backup to starter.
  • McGee jokes he’s been on the defensive staff with Grantham and Christian Robinson. He wasn't able to work with them on the field but he knows all the players. He got lucky and the timing was right for him to become the new quarterback coach. Now, he knows all the guys on the team. And that created an easier transition because McGee knows the expectations and standards.
  • McGee said his job as an analyst was about staying a week ahead. When they come in and grade the film after a game, he's already presenting that team to the coordinator. And you give insight to the coaches about how an offense will react to a defense.
  • McGee worked at Toledo when Dan Mullen was at Bowling Green. When they left for Utah, McGee went to UNLV. Mullen goes to Florida and he's at Arkansas. They had some battles when Mullen went to Mississippi State. He's a lot of respect for the way Mullen runs an offense.
  • What he takes pride in is being a quarterback coach recruiting quarterbacks, developing them, and getting them ready to go on game day. A lot of these coaches have been around a long time and know the ins and outs. McGee knows the offense. Mullen runs it and they get it going for him. McGee’s basically followed Mullen everywhere he went said he knows how to run an offense.
  • McGee loves Anthony Richardson. He gets a lot of who he is from his mom. He's still really young and it's fortunate he gets an extra year of eligibility. Richardson's a talented kid and he's learning a lot.
  • Every quarterback wants to compete every day. But everyone in the quarterback room is just trying to get one day better. They're the best of friends but never really talked about any kind of competition.
  • McGee's been around for years at the Power 5 level. When it comes to analysts: Everyone is trying to find just one advantage over another team. It's really helping coaches build their networking base because it allows coaches to see more guys.
  • "When you're the head coach it's about motivating and managing people," McGee talking about the position. The ability of Mullen to coach special teams blows him away. He's on it just like on offense. It's been amazing to see him multitask.
  • Talking about Todd Grantham: He doesn't just send guys to send them. He understands the protection scheme and knows how to attack it.
  • McGee and Mullen haven't discussed playcalling. His theory is when you're trying to win a national title, the best person in the building for a job should do it. Mullen's one of the best playcallers in the country so the best guy at calling plays in the building should do so. He likes it that way because he wants to win.
  • McGee tells a story about talking to Ryan Mallet. He said to McGee "The first thing about third down defense is they have to get you to third down." He taught McGee something Bill Belichick taught him.

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