Bullet Points from post practice Zoom conference with Hevesy and Robinson

Mar 5, 2021 | 0 comments

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Florida offensive line coach John Hevesy and linebackers coach Christian Robinson met with the media via a Zoom conference call after Thursday's practice. Here is everything they had to say.

Here is everything they had to say.

John Hevesy

  •  Richard Gouraige has played a lot of tackle and he has a lot of reps there. Hevesy called him knowledgeable, meticulous, and constantly on it.
  • They’re working on fundamentals right now and those reps this spring are invaluable. The line has a lot of young guys and there are only a few guys left who truly helped them get to bowl games.
  • Spring practice is huge because, when you look at development, the ones who’ve been here three years didn’t really get a true spring. They can come back after this spring and actually watch themselves not someone else especially with starting spring practice early. They’re learning how to do it and can see themselves doing it.
  • Hevesy said that he has about four guys who can play center out of Ethan White. White’s played it and might go back at the end of spring. He mentioned Richie Leonard, Kingsley Eguakun, Griffin McDowell, and Stewart Reese are getting reps at center. He can put a lot of guys at guard and tackle but only a few are capable of playing center.
  • It’s beneficial for Reese more than anything when it comes to him coming back. He had an opportunity to play in the NFL but you only have one shot at it. Reese saw an opportunity to get better they took it. There’s a little more to it with Reese than just playing center, such as he can finally get in shape plus work on his master’s.
  • On his approach with tackles: You got to have amnesia out there. It’s like a corner on defense. Something bad is going to happen and you have to forget about it. The freshmen are the same way, some of them have never been knocked on their butt. It’s all about learning why you’re wrong.
  • A big thing Hevesy saw from Jean Delance was improved confidence. Two years ago, he was looking around to see if he was right. He was surer in the things he was doing last season.
  •  Josh Braun is playing guard right now. He said the trio of Braun, White, Reese on the inside is really important because that’s the strength of your running game.
  • He feels good about the line he going into 2021. The guys he got back have been around and playing for a reason. With them, it’s a lot of fine-tuning a lot of things. Plus, they can also teach the guys behind them
  •  Dan Mullen’s secret to quarterbacks: It’s more asking what can they do. And that’s what the offense is built around, take what they can do and let’s do it. For example, Kyle Trask. Running the triple option with Trask is putting a square peg in a round hole. Emory Jones and Anthony Richardson aren’t Kyle, they shouldn’t be expected to do what he did. They had first-round picks in the passing game last year and now it’s time to find where their first-rounders are this year.
  • In dealing with COVID-19, it became a thing of constantly communicating what they were doing. He made guys send him videos of them jumping rope. Some didn’t have that and sent in ones of them using extension cords. It was about finding a way to adapt and overcome just like with anything in life. COVID’s a negative but what’s a positive from this?

Christian Robinson

  • So excited to have Ventrell Miller back. Robinson thought he performed really well and he’s a driven guy who wanted to do more. He had some things he wanted to accomplish and that’s what can sway a decision. He talked to him about wearing the #51 jersey and he can add to that legacy if he came back.
  • Mohamoud Diabate is on track to be one of those special guys. A year playing right next to Miller gave him an opportunity to learn just like Miller had with David Reese. He chose the word “savage” for his motivation this season which, to Diabate, means going all out in all areas. If you want to be a guy like Greenard or the other linebackers, it takes daily grinding and attention to detail. Since the OU game, Robinson’s seen him accept the challenge to put the work in.
  • When they got back last summer, they talked about how much time they spent communicating with each other during the shutdown. With no practice, they just sat around and talked about things like their lifts and families. He will always remember last season for so many reasons, including the people he got to spend it with.
  • Robinson saw himself as needing to be an encourager. He felt his room improved in the dark times of quarantine. Even a walk-on like Justin Pelic felt just as involved as the scholarship guys. It set in motion the brotherhood.
  • TyRon Hopper and Derek Wingo are having exciting springs. A big part of it now is allowing for the reps that they need. It’s an opportunity to show what they know and learn from their own mistakes. They get to learn for themselves.
  • The linebacker corps can bring leadership as a group to the 2021 team. They’re are in the dead center of the locker room. The confidence they have in themselves and how they interact shows how comfortable they are. And that sets an example. You have guys correcting the younger players because that’s what the guys before them.
  • The new defensive backs coaches have been really exciting. Adding their expertise and years of knowledge helps. Looking at Wesley McGriff, he’s holding guys accountable and providing attention to detail. Jules Montinar and Rob have similar career paths. He tells everyone Mullen took a chance on him just like he did with Montinar.
  • Diabate brings a level of seriousness with his craft plus his own personality. He’s driven and knows what he wants. Robinson talked with him about his goals so he can push him and Diabate told him he wants the opportunity to be an NFL Hall of Famer. In his first series against South Carolina, he made a mistake. He tells Robison “I got it and I’m going to get it right.” Diabate has the desire to push himself and improve.
  • C-Rob’s looking to see who can perform under pressure with the scrimmage. You get to see guys in competition and learn to deal with emotions in the moment. That’s why practice is so important. Because if you can’t do it in practice then how can you do it in-game. He wants to see what guys are doing to make the others around him get better. The times where it’s just the team can really improve.

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