Johnson: “It was kind of business as usual”

Oct 27, 2020 | 0 comments

Offensive coordinator Brian Johnson met with the media on Monday evening to discuss the Gators’ first practice in two weeks, what he’s seen from Missouri’s defense on film, and more.

Here are the highlights.

  • The most important thing this week is to have excitement and get ready to play. They’ve got to be clean in preparation to perform at a high level on Saturday.
  • He tried to continue his established routine with quarterback Kyle Trask as much as possible over the last two weeks to keep him sharp. He introduced the quarterbacks to Missouri’s defense over the break via Zoom. He thinks they got some stuff accomplished in their Zoom meetings.
  • They're all creatures of habit, and the routine of how to prepare for a game doesn't change this week despite the layoff. He doesn't think preparing will be difficult. It all comes down to having a clean week of practice. He doesn't anticipate them having a shorter game plan this week due to the SEC-mandated acclimation period. They need to be ready to go against a good team.
  • It was "very nerve-wracking" to see the positive tests pile up, Johnson said. The biggest thing is to be as diligent as possible with taking precautions to protect the ones you love. They had two weeks to reflect on everything and evaluate what they can do better.
  • UF’s players love football and have played a lot, which helps with putting together a game plan this week. He said Missouri has a great scheme and does a great job with post-snap movements to confuse the quarterback. They do a great job of getting off of blocks. They look forward to competing against them.
  • They have to do a great job of understanding that each game has its own identity. Missouri beat LSU in a shootout and Kentucky in a defensive grind. Games are won in different ways, and you just have to focus on scoring a touchdown each time out instead of worrying about how many possessions you get.
  • The coaches spent the off time self-scouting to see what other teams are seeing from them on film. They also watched some NFL and other college teams to see if they could steal anything from other teams to incorporate into their offense.
  • Practice was good on Monday. They had good energy and executed well. "It was kind of business as usual."
  • The Missouri game two years ago highlighted how well Trask prepares. They didn’t have to scale anything back for him. He's extremely intelligent and talented and works very hard.
  •  Emory Jones has a great demeanor and also works very hard. He's always ready to play, and Johnson’s excited to watch him contribute.
  • Johnson treats his players like family, and he knows from personal experience that these relationships transcend football and last longer than these three or four years. He thinks it's wise to make sure that your door is always open and be willing to serve.

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