Mullen: Davis returning to form

Aug 29, 2020 | 0 comments

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Dan Mullen met with the media on Saturday afternoon to recap the Gators’ first scrimmage of the year, discuss the team’s involvement in a social justice protest, and more.

Here are the highlights.

  • Mullen said his players have great attitudes and understandings of the schemes, but they have “a ways to go” from an execution standpoint. They had too many missed tackles and fumbles, which wasn’t unexpected given the elimination of spring practices. He did see some efficiency from the older guys. He thinks they had good situational awareness, such as knowing where the first-down line was. They’ll work more on situational things next week.
  • There are a couple of things that he wants the SEC to decide soon. First, he wants to know if teams will be allowed to pipe in crowd noise. If they are allowed, they can start preparing by inserting crowd noise at their final two scrimmages. Second, he thinks both teams should be allowed to have the same number of players in uniform this year. Under the current rules, the home team can have 80 players in uniform while the visiting team can only have 75. With players likely having to be quarantined due to positive virus tests, those five extra bodies could provide a significant advantage for the home team.
  • Freshman Fenley Graham suffered a forearm fracture during the scrimmage and will be out “a few weeks.” Graham is expected to compete for the return jobs.
  • Mullen said educating yourself about what goes on in the world is a challenge for everybody. He cares deeply about his players and will support things that are important to them. Their decision to march in the protest on Friday night was a last-minute decision. He wishes they had been a little more organized in their approach. He thinks they'll do some stuff in the future that might give them an even larger voice.
  • He was pleased with the running backs. "Malik Davis looked like the guy I thought I saw when I got here." He also mentioned Nay'Quan Wright, the young receivers, freshmen defensive backs, and freshmen defensive linemen as standouts.
  • Tight end Kyle Pitts didn't receive any reps in the scrimmage, he said. He knows what he's going to get from him. Kyle Trask got a couple of series and led them to a couple of touchdowns and showed great leadership.
  • He said most of the players participated in the march last night. If you put aside your own beliefs and ego and listen to other people, you'll learn a lot. He said he's never been worried when getting pulled over by the police, other than wondering what kind of ticket he might get. He goes jogging around 6 a.m. and doesn't have to worry about being racially profiled and attacked. He doesn't have to worry about his son going out with his friends and getting pulled over because of their skin color. If everybody tries to listen and understand others' experiences, "we're going to put ourselves in the right direction." That's what the experience last night was for him. We should all strive to make one person's life better today.
  • He confirmed that defensive back Kamar Wilcoxson has reclassified to the 2020 class and has enrolled. He doesn't expect him to know everything this season since he missed two weeks of walkthroughs and 10 practices. However, because he’s a skill-position player, they'll see what he does well and possibly create a package for him.
  • Miami transfer running back Lorenzo Lingard is running hard and catching the ball well. He's mentally behind the other guys because he’s still familiarizing himself with the offense, but Mullen loves his attitude, effort, and who he is as a person.
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