Savage: Gators responding well to uncertainty

Mar 27, 2020 | 0 comments

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Director of Football Strength and Conditioning Nick Savage met with reporters via conference call on Friday afternoon. He discussed the workout plans he gave the players, the communication between his staff and the players, the leadership of the team, what the uncertain future could mean for the program and more.

Here are the highlights.

  • He said their first priority is the health of the athletes and their families. They have a checklist to make sure they remain in contact with every player. He sends out one inspirational team text a day and calls one or two position groups. By the end of the week, he’s talked to everyone.
  • His last piece of his advice before the facility went on lockdown was to do things the right way, he said. He encouraged guys to stay home and practice social distancing.
  • Some of the players are limited in the amount of work they can do at home because of a lack of equipment. Savage’s staff sent them a general workout plan that is based on no equipment, but they've also worked with guys to modify their workout based on the equipment that they have available.
  • Savage said he used an "umbrella" approach to design the offseason workout plan. He wants to make sure every muscle group and everything they're going to need for the season is covered.
  • He said they will provide everything they can to the players during this time, even if that's just talking to them. He credited his staff for staying on top of everything as much as possible.
  • The workout plan they sent them included videos of how to perform each activity. He said the guys have done a good job of finding everyday household items that have weight to incorporate into workouts. The most creative items used have been family members and pets.
  • Only a handful of guys are still on campus, and that number has progressively shrunk, he said.
  • The one thing that can go away quickly during a time like this is conditioning, Savage said, but based on his communication with them, he doesn't see that being a problem.
  • He puts a lot on the leadership committee during this time. They've done a good job of pushing each other and keeping each other accountable so far.
  • He said he likes to have an established plan to follow, but he will adjust to whatever the pandemic throws at him. He’s formulated a bunch of different plans based on the different scenarios that could happen.
  • They had some guys training with them for the NFL Combine and pro day, he said. He told them that they have a job and a responsibility to still be at their best. He's given them a similar blueprint for workouts.
  • While he doesn’t know exactly how much time he would need in the preseason to get his players ready to play, he is confident that the SEC and NCAA will come up with the best guidelines to keep guys healthy and prepared to play.
  • The early-enrollees have done an "unbelievable job." They're following the same protocol as the rest of the team. Savage and his staff are looking into what they can do for the non-early-enrollee freshmen.
  • There's been a lot of positive communication among the different position groups, but he couldn’t name any specific players who have emerged as leaders.
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