Getting to Know: Defensive tackle signee Lamar Goods

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Florida’s defensive line class for #GatorGangXX is one of the deepest in recent memory, due in part to the Gators’ landing four-star defensive tackle Lamar Goods‍, who will enroll early in Gainesville all the way from Alberta, Canada.

The one-time Kentucky commit saw in Florida defensive line coach David Turner and the rest of the staff that a National Championship is on the horizon. As he put it, “If we don’t win one, there’s nobody to blame but ourselves.”

In this edition of Getting to Know Goods talks about how he wants to make a big impact in Gainesville, both on the field and in the community, and he could not be more excited for what the future holds at the University of Florida. Inside the Gators got an in-depth look on everything he wants to bring to the table for the team, including how he plans to use his Top 10 Public education to open a healthy restaurant in Miami once the football pads come off and how he’s not your average football player.


Take us through the process that led to your commitment. What was that experience like for you?
”Coming into my process, I was committed to Kentucky. Then I took my official at Florida. I loved the campus, atmosphere and what it was all about. There were two main things that hooked me to Florida: One was Coach Turner. The legitimate bond between us made it so real. Even more than Kentucky. So that’s a big thing for me. Also another big thing for me was Coach [Nick] Savage. The way he develops people caught my attention.”

Which school came in second for you and why?
Kentucky because I wanted to go to a Power 5 school, just an SEC school. Kentucky drew me in on their positive winning season. I thought it would be good for me to have an immediate impact.”

What was the craziest, strangest or weirdest moment of the recruiting cycle?
”The fans. In Canada, I never saw or experienced it, but now I’m living it. A lot of fans are hitting me up like ‘I can’t wait to see you here.’ I just love it. It’s crazy to see the position I’m in coming from Canada.”

If there was one thing you could change about the recruiting process, what would it be?
”One thing I feel like a lot of what they send you sometimes is not entirely personal. Certain schools depending on the way they recruit you won’t put effort into you on a personal level. I think that should change because if you want that person, they realize that you putting more effort in means you’re interested in them. I think that’s how people lose sight.”

If you could play a sport outside of football, which sport would it be?
”I want to say volleyball or hockey. But I’m terrible at hockey. I like volleyball, but it gets repetitive. Honestly I would say hockey.”

What is your favorite football memory?
“When I took my official to Kentucky, and I took my dad with me. He passed away like two months after that. Just seeing him and what my sport can do for others kind of made me realize how nice it was to have my dad with me.”

What would you say are some of your greatest strengths as a football player?
“How versatile I am. I can do what a lot of big guys can’t do with agility and speed.”

What is the most appealing part to you about the University of Florida?
“Just everything about it. The atmosphere, the fans, the coaches. I feel like we’re going to win a National Championship when it’s all said and done. I tell Coach Turner that every day.”

What do you really need to work on the most when you get to Florida?
Everything. There’s not one thing I don’t need to work on. As good as I think I am, I know I can be better. 100%.”

Who is the prospect who you have talked to the most from the Class of 2020?
”We’re in a group chat, so it’s not really individual for me. There’s chatter online, but I’m more of a face-to-face kind of guy.”


What is your major?
”I want to do nutritional science. I’m minoring in business, and I’m taking culinary arts online to help with my future plans.

If you a chance to go on a dream date, who would it be with?
“Selena Gomez. I used to have the biggest crush on her growing up. She seems like you could just vibe with her. I’m really into that.”

What would be your first purchase if you got drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft?
”Obviously, I would buy my mom a house. I would also fly my whole family out to be with me in that moment. Bask in it.”

What is one item that you cannot live without? Why?
”My slip-on Vans. I always have a pair when I go somewhere for more than one night. I love Vans. The shoes are so casual. I’m big into style.”

What is your favorite professional football team?
”The Minnesota Vikings. My biological father used to play for them for a year so I got interested that way.”

Who is your favorite professional player right now? Why?
[Philadelphia Eagles DL] Fletcher Cox. I feel like he is the most versatile big man in the league. The fact that Coach Turner coached him is sick. I just want to be like him. Not lose any of that size.”

Who has been the biggest role model for you in your life? Why?
“My mother because growing up, she raised me and my brother as a single mother. That shows the strength that goes into it because she set us up for a nice life. She always provided for us – good food on the table, always a good Christmas – and I’m appreciative and I look up to her every day.”

Is there a person, sports personality or not, that has had an influence on your life?
“I’m more influenced by day-to-day people. I’m more influenced by personal relationships.”

What are your favorite types of music? Do you have a favorite artist or song?
”I like rap and classical rock. My favorite rap artist would have to be Lil Baby, and my favorite classical rock band of all time is Queen. I got goosebumps from the Freddie Mercury movie. I wore my Queen shirt… I just loved it.”

What is your favorite movie?
“My favorite movie is either Good Burger or Friday. I like older movies for a good laugh.”

What is your favorite TV show?
“Trailer Park Boys. It’s a Canadian-based show on Netflix. If you’re from Canada, you can see that it’s spot-on. It’s not something I can relate to, but I’ve seen it, so I can relate to it like that.”

If you could meet one person in the world, who would that be?
“Morgan Freeman. I just feel like he’s a guy who wisdom surrounds him. I would love to have a formal conversation with him and learn a lot.”

Where do you see yourself five years from now?
“I see myself in the league, depending on what league it is – hopefully NFL – and opening a healthy alternative restaurant/gym in Miami. I want to make my own menu.”

What are three things on your bucket list?
Go to Scotland. Go swimming in the middle of the ocean with nothing around me. I have a big fear of big bodies of water, so I can face my fears. Go to Dubai.”

What is one thing about you that the Gator Nation would be surprised to find out about?
“The summer of ninth grade, I used to be 420 pounds, but I went down to 270.”


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