Notes from Tuesday’s Post-Practice Availability

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Offensive line coach John Hevesy and several players spoke to the media following practice on Tuesday. As expected, Feleipe Franks’ season-ending injury and Kyle Trask’s transition into the starting role remained the two biggest talking points.

Here are the highlights.

John Hevesy

  • Kentucky played more four-down fronts than they expected, he said. He wants the offensive line to keep getting quicker with their in-game adjustments.
  • Against Miami and Kentucky, the Gators got off to sluggish starts offensively. He said that mostly had to do with turning the ball over and not adjusting to unexpected things thrown at them by the defense quickly enough. He likes the confidence the team plays with even when they’re trailing in the second half.
  • On Franks going down: “It's unfortunate to see for the kids, but to me it inspired them to play the game for him. I'm not asking them. But you watch them say, 'Oh crap, we got to work a little harder than what we're doing and we're still behind. We got to go win the game.'"
  • He said the strip sack in the second quarter was a result of a miscommunication about the front UK was in. “It makes me sick to my stomach. It still does.” The way he views it, it wasn’t any one person’s fault. If one person isn’t on the same page, then it’s all of their fault for not communicating properly.
  • Jean Delance being replaced briefly in the third quarter was purely strategic; there’s nothing wrong with him health-wise other than the typical nicks and bruises. Rather than plugging in Richard Gouraige at right tackle, he opted to move Stone Forsythe to the right side and insert Gouraige at left tackle. He said Forsythe has cross-trained more in practice, so they felt more comfortable with him flipping sides. He wanted to get Gouraige into the game in the first quarter, but the flow of the game prevented him from doing so.
  • On Trask not transferring: “It tells you who he is. It tells you his character. He’s loyal to the University of Florida, he’s loyal to his teammates, and he’s a kid – again, a lot of guys have gone through that in the past because the portal thing has given guys the opportunity to run when they want to run. Again, he sat there and waited his turn, had his opportunity and made the best of it.”
  • On the tendency for some players to jump ship when things get hard: “I tell my kids, eventually in life, you got to compete. When you leave here, you can’t just jump job to job because your wife’s going to leave you at some point because you can’t hold a job down. To me, you have to learn to compete. If you want to be status quo your whole life, great. If you want promotions, don’t think it’s not going to happen just by being there. You have to work at everything you do the rest of your life.”

Nick Buchanan

  • On how much it hurt the offensive line to see their quarterback lying on the ground injured: “Anytime you see a teammate go down like that, have to be carted off, it’s a bad deal, especially when it’s your quarterback. Not only the quarterback but one of the leaders on the team, one of the hardest-working guys I’ve ever seen. It’s a bad deal. You can’t linger on that. You have to rally around him and use it as motivation and not let him down because he’s still wanting to see us win.”
  • He said there weren’t any big changes schematically during the fourth quarter rally. They just did a better job of executing their fundamentals and techniques.
  • On the struggles in the running game against UK: “Kentucky is a good team. It’s an SEC team. They’ve got guys up front, we’ve got guys up front. Sometimes, that’s how it is in the running game. You’ve got to keep pounding and pounding and pounding until you break one.”
  • On Tennessee: “This is one of the main reasons you come to Florida. We beat them last year, so we know they’re coming down here to punch us in the face. We’ve got to hone in on what we have to do and play up to our standard.”

Dameon Pierce

  • On Trask: “When Feleipe was hurt, he was one of the first guys out there checking on Feleipe and making sure he's straight. That's one of the leaders on this team, and we respect Feleipe and we love him. Kyle was just the next man up, and he went out there and played very well."
  • On Trask remaining calm despite his battlefield promotion: "It just calms everyone else down. If you see your quarterback panicking, it's a chain reaction. Everybody else is going to panic, and we're not going to execute the way we need to. Like I said, he kept his [composure] and played well."
  • On the offensive line: “We don’t get up to guys sometimes. We just miss little assignments like that. But, like I said, it’s nothing that can’t be coached and nothing that can’t be fixed.”
  • Josh Hammond is the one receiver that knows everything. So, he’s sort of the field general of receivers. So, if someone is like, they don’t know what they’re doing or not, Josh Hammond going to get them right. And he just brings like that extra juice. Like before pregame, he’s the first guy—him and Freddie Swain—they’re being leaders for us, and they’re our hype guys.”
  • On Jonathan Greenard: “Being an older guy, transferring from Louisville, we felt grateful that he would want to be a part of our program and make us better and make himself get better. He just came in and embraced the leadership role, and he’s done a very good job at that.”

Lucas Krull

  • On Franks: “We pray for Feleipe. He's one of my best friends here, so, you know, I see him every day. I do everything I can for him. Obviously, it's something you hate to see. It's devastating. But, at the end of the day, we have to keep moving forward. Next man up and rally behind Kyle and Emory Jones and get ready to go every day."
  • He said improving his blocking is something he’s focusing on in practice, as the coaches expect a lot out of him. He said the hardest parts for him are keeping his head low and not getting frustrated when he misses a block.
  • On Trask: “Everyone prepares like they are starting that game every week, so it's a lot of great competition. You see the way he works in the weight room, on the field and after practices. There's so much to him that I just know every time he steps in he's going to be ready for the challenge, and he is going to dominate."
  • On Trask’s leadership: “He's the same guy every day. He comes out, smile on his face, pushing everybody, communicating, keeping everybody's confidence high. Like today, I missed a pull block, he came up to me and said, 'Hey, you're good; you're going to get it next time.' So, just little things like that. You can just see he's got the same fire in him that Emory and Feleipe have.”

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