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To help break up the monotony of Media Day and get a glimpse into the team’s personality, Inside the Gators asked several players a series of fun, superlative-style questions.

Players interviewed for this survey were the following: Christopher Bleich, Freddie Swain, Tommy Townsend, Shawn Davis, Marco Wilson, CJ Henderson and Adam Shuler.

Some of the questions were football-related, others were not. Some of the players had fun with the questions and got creative with their responses, others offered one-word answers or even dodged questions. Every player didn’t answer every question.

Here are the results of our Florida Football for Fun survey:

Who is the Gators’ biggest rival?

  • Bleich: Florida State
  • Swain: “This year, it’ll be out of Florida State, Miami or Georgia.”
  • Townsend: “That’s tough. There’s so many of them that are on the same level. I got a little edge when it comes to the Tennessee game, especially this past year. But, I feel like every year against LSU, we just come out with a different edge. It’s just a different game with LSU. It’s SEC East versus SEC West, and usually, that’s one of the biggest games of the season. But, it’s hard to shy away from the instate rivalry game, FSU, and then Tennessee and Georgia. It’s tough, but I’d say maybe LSU. That’s probably my favorite rivalry game, I’d say.”

Who is the fastest player on the team?

  • Bleich: Kadarius Toney
  • Swain: “It depends on the distance.”
  • Townsend: “Just from workouts, I’d say it’d have to be maybe Tyrie [Cleveland]. He’s got some speed to him. He’s in my workout group, so when we go to different runs and stuff, I’m not in the same runs as like Kadarius Toney or like Marco Wilson, or some of those guys. I’d say Freddie Swain and Tyrie are probably the top-two guys.”

Which offensive lineman can eat the most?

Bleich: “That’s a toss-up between me and Brett Heggie.”

Which player would you most want with you if you were stranded on a deserted island?

  • Bleich: Tanner Rowell. “He’s the most reliable and useful.”
  • Swain:Josh Hammond. Like, I think about things a certain way, and he thinks about things a different way. So, I think we’ll survive on an island.”
  • Townsend: “I was thinking about saying Tanner Rowell, but he’s a big guy and he eats a lot, so I don’t know. I feel like he has the most survival instincts when it comes to that. I can’t even begin to guess on that. Maybe Evan [McPherson]. I’d take Evan with me. He’s level-headed. I don’t think he’d freak out too much.”



Which player would you most want with you if you were walking through a dark alley?

  • Bleich: Stone Forsythe
  • Swain: Tyrie Cleveland

How would you rate Dan Mullen’s dancing skills on a 1-10 scale?

  • Bleich: 0
  • Swain: 2.5. “He doesn’t really dance much. He only dances when we win big games. But, he all right. He dances pretty good.”
  • Townsend: “I’ve seen a lot worse dancers. He’s not the best; he’s not the worst dancer. I’d give him a five.”

Which player is the best dancer on the team?

  • Bleich: Brett Heggie
  • Swain: Van Jefferson
  • Townsend: Feleipe Franks
  • Davis: Jacob Copeland
  • Shuler: Either Umstead Sanders or himself

Which player is the worst dancer on the team?

  • Bleich: Himself
  • Swain: Franks
  • Townsend: Heggie or Bleich. “They’re just big guys. I feel like they don’t have too much dancing rhythm.”
  • Davis: Franks
  • Wilson: Franks
  • Shuler: Copeland

Who’s the loudest/most talkative player?

  • Bleich: Luke Ancrum
  • Swain: Himself
  • Shuler: Ancrum

Who’s the quietest player?

  • Swain: Either CJ Henderson or Amari Burney
  • Shuler: Henderson

The most likely to appear on “The Bachelorette”?

  • Bleich: Lucas Krull
  • Swain: Shuler
  • Townsend: “I was thinking about maybe saying Evan [McPherson], but he’s already got a girlfriend. He seems like he’s pretty wifed up.” McPherson heard this riveting conversation and joined in. He nominated Townsend.
  • Wilson: Henderson
  • Shuler: Swain. “He’s just a character. He’s going to put on a show. Everyone’s going to watch him.”
  • Henderson: He said he didn’t know what “The Bachelorette” was.

Which player is most likely to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame someday?

  • Bleich: Kyle Trask
  • Swain: Wilson
  • Townsend: “Maybe Tanner Rowell. I feel like he could come up with some kind of show like the ‘Crocodile Hunter’ and just go viral with it.”

Loudest coach?

  • Bleich: John Hevesy
  • Swain: Hevesy
  • Townsend: Toss-up between Hevesy and Nick Savage

Name a player that’s going to have a breakout season?

  • Bleich: Heggie

What player came to the forefront in the off-season?

  • Bleich: “I think that would have to be Feleipe [Franks] from his breakout year.”
  • Swain: Malik Davis

Name a player that impressed you in the off-season program?

  • Bleich: Tedarrell Slaton

Name a freshman who’s stood out so far?

  • Davis: Kaiir Elam

Who’s the best dressed player on the team?

  • Swain: Himself
  • Townsend: Trey Dean
  • Davis: “I am, no doubt.”
  • Henderson: Dean
  • Shuler: Dean. “He’s always looking fresh every day.”

Who’s the worst dressed player?

  • Swain: Franks
  • Townsend: Rowell. “He just kind of throws on whatever and doesn’t really care.”
  • Davis: Franks. “You never know what he’s got on.” He added that Franks is the best quarterback in the state despite not being able to dance or dress.
  • Shuler: Franks. “Look what he’s wearing now.” Franks was wearing skinny jeans and black vans.

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