Mullen Monday: Gators injury free after three days of practice

Jul 29, 2019 | 0 comments

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Florida Gators head coach Dan Mullen met with the media on Monday to recap the Gators first three practices of fall camp. 

Here are the highlights and updates: 

  • Mullen said that it was a huge benefit to practice in the rain on Sunday. It gets them prepared for that kind of adversity in a real game.
  • He added, "Good couple first days of practice." He says the older guys have done a good job of picking things up, young guys are hit or miss.
  • They'll have a film review Tuesday and an off-day Wednesday.
  • Mullen says he’s pleased with the veteran guys.
  • Florida has done four installs, will have time to catch up and get where they need to be before full pads begin.
  • Most strides: Everything is cleaner in practice. Mullen says they need to maintain a sense of urgency to strain every day. He says there's a lot more confidence right now, so players are focusing more on straining and doing things right.
  • Mullen says this mornings practice was a little slow.
  • Full-pad contact? We’re physical. We will be getting after it; you must remain smart. Mullen says when we play games, he wants the opposing team to know they played the Gators from a physicality standpoint.
  • Zero injuries after three days of practice.
  • Mullen on guys like Kadarius Toney: Offense can expand, as it eliminates the basic scheme for a defense.
  • Mullen says they’ll continue to do what they do in the offense despite the uncertainty on the offensive line. He’s confident in the group if they can remain healthy.
  • Florida will not be allowed to host recruits for the Miami game. Mentions it is still a dead period and with it being off-campus, the security is different.
  • On Lamical Perine: He’s a really good football player. We try to find guys that will fit us. A guy like Perine, there isn’t one thing that jumps out at you, but it’s his consistency, his speed and he can catch the ball well. Mullen jokes he’s glad he’s a part of the Gators after recruiting him to Mississippi State.



  • On Jacob Copeland: It’s almost like he’s an advanced freshman. He’s been through it in the meetings and around it on the field, but hasn’t gotten the reps. He’s got size, power and speed and catch the football well. Mullen says it’s his job to get guys like Copeland and Rick Wells ready for next year when an exodus of receivers depart.
  • Mullen jokes Ethan White has lost a junior high kid (in terms of weight).
  • Mullen and the coaches have a much better understanding of how the players skill set equates to the offensive scheme.
  • Extra work for Feleipe Franks: I think having gone through one year, you’re more confident. I think he’s more experienced in the system and knows what it takes to continue to improve.
  • 11 guys on the leadership council. he joked that he won’t reveal his sources when it comes to which players he goes to in order to find out what’s going on with the team.
  • Randy Russell is apart of the leadership council, the youngest member of the council.
  • Mullen says Franks is a little more confident, knows what to expect and has veteran receivers, so it's easier for him to lead and throw to the receivers late at night.
  • There’s a difference between having fun and embracing the game rather than being silly and goofy. Mullen says it’s much better being confident and relaxed.
  • No update on Arjei Henderson, though Mullen did say that he has finished his class.
  • Mullen said that he would have to check in on John Huggins' family situation to see if he is able to return to practice.
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