Grantham runs down the defense position by position

Jul 25, 2019 | 0 comments

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Live from Florida Football Media Day, Dan Mullen, John Hevesy and Todd Grantham addressed the media before the start of fall football camp on Friday.

Inside the Gators runs down the main points of interest from Grantham's press conference.

  • On cornerback CJ Henderson– size, speed, physical, makes plays on ball, one of hardest workers, stays after practice and helps work with the younger guys, passion for the game.
  • When adked about defensive lineman Jabari Zuniga, Grantham responded, size and speed, had 4.5 sacks as inside rusher, gives flexibility to match situations
  • “We’ve got to understand that there’s a certain amount of relentless effort you’ve got to have.” It’s about being able to take coaching, respond to adversity, stay above the line. If you bust two plays, you’re not doing very good, last year was last year, likes ownerhsip and confidence
  • Year one to year two – how to get best 11 players in the field, don’t let them run ball and make QB play bad, win one-on-one matchups.
  • On getting a transfer from Jonathan Greenard – knew system, had decent foundation technique-wise, it’s a craft, learning creates opportunity, not a hard adjustment
  • Speaking about defensive tackle Adam Shuler – accepted the grind, last season, he was trying to find himself, he’s been with strength staff, works to improve craft, understood what he wanted to work on over summer, has taken ownership, “I think you’ll see a lot of production form him this year”
  • Trey Dean – can play inside with size, athleticism allows him to play corner, about getting best guys on field, gives him more value moving forward, will allow him to make plays
  • Greenard – has a fire, humbling, good leadership qualities, can play buck or end,
  • Of the three new outside backers, Jeremiah Moon is only one that had quality snaps, that can feed off to the young guys, excited to get going



  • “I’ve always thought it was important that you have guys with toughness to make that room a competitive room.” One room can create competition in other rooms and make team better
  • Safeties Donovan Stiner and Shawn Davis have tried to take ownership on the back end. James Houston is backing up David Reese II, Ventrell Miller and Amari Burney, has seen difference in those guys being leaders
  • Seldom used linebacker Lacedrick Brunson has impressed him. He didn’t play or say a lot, was feeling his way, kept working, showed up in special teams, indicates that he can play on defense, made biggest jump. He’ll be counted on to play some snaps
  • Spring game – “like batting practice,” have to look at individuals instead of the whole with the different combinations and matchups on the field
  • Marco Wilson ready to go, worked extremely hard to be back, looking forward to him being out there
  • “Injuries create depth,” Dean wouldn’t have played as much last year, now you have more depth, wouldn’t have had comfort level with him
  • Defensive tackles – Shuler and Kyree Campbell played last year, guys battling for snaps, always trying to find ways to move guys in there, Carter and Ancrum could see time inside
  • You used to start day one in base. Now, you start with nickel as your base, play as much four down as three down, “It’s a matter of trying to make the offense work.” Being multiple to create confusion for the offense.
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