Hevesy feels good with his first five

Jul 25, 2019 | 0 comments

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Live from Florida Football Media Day, Dan Mullen, John Hevesy and Todd Grantham addressed the media before the start of fall football camp on Friday.

Inside the Gators runs down the main points of interest from Hevesy’s press conference.

  • Looking forward to the excitement of the team, the fans and the university. Adds the Miami opener is a bit different than a “warm-up” game in week one.
  • This year will be a little different with four new starters. It’ll be a challenge.
  • Felt good with the first five after spring, notes the addition of Noah Banks being cleared to practice this fall is huge. Hevesy says the experience some of these kids got at Florida State and in the bowl game is big for them.
  • On Nick Buchanan: The center of the position is the quarterback of the group. He must keep both sides on the same page. He’s done a great job, being here for five years, but he’s embraced this opportunity.
  • Hevesy notes the offensive line stayed in the team meeting room for an additional 45 minutes without him because the younger kids want to learn and get better.
  • “Our success over the years has been determined by the center on our line. Needs to be a communicator and great leader.”
  • Hevesy notes it’s more of a confidence thing for Feleipe Franks being a willing runner in the offense. Allows him to be a better player and opens up the offense.
  • Notes when you have guys in the run game who can get yards after contact, those guys are working hard but my guys need to work harder.
  • We have to play as one. It begins with Nick Buchanan. Stone Forsythe has played sparingly over the years, but we need to confidence as a whole to be successful.



  • On cross-training: In the spring, they stay on the same side to get comfortable and learn the techniques. In the fall, he wants eight offensive lineman to be prepared to play anywhere on the offensive line. He will look at that more, the further they get into camp.
  • Notes every position on the line is open for the job. Says the younger guys need to know they can get better and pushing the veterans.
  • On Buchanan: I didn’t know anything about anyone, but it’s who they are in the weight room and as leaders. You see some of the talent aspect, but it’s who the guy that’s buying in and learning it. Notes in camp last year, had all three centers rotate with the ones, but Nick held his job and he did a great job of leader and communicating with the group. Everyone was on the same page and that was the biggest factor.
  • 2015-2016 was another year he had a big challenge. Lost three guys to the NFL Draft. Notes this season Florida has eight guys who are redshirt freshman or younger. Mentally the good thing is four of the younger kids were here in the spring and physically they learned how to practice every down.
  • 19 of the last 25 years, Hevesy has been with Mullen. Talks about the familiarity within the coaching staff benefits the team.
  • References all five play callers signaled in one play six straight times against South Carolina because they knew the strength of their team and knew the defense couldn’t adjust.
  • It helps me go back to those meetings in January. You bring in four freshman and I have to teach them how different ways for them to understand my message.
  • We all speak the language, so no one is confused, if a freshman doesn’t understand they better speak up.
  • Typically you play a team you’re physically superior when opening the season, but from now to Aug. 24th, we gotta do our job and become confident with what we are doing. Doesn’t matter if it’s the Steelers, Miami or Jacksonville University, we must be prepared.

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