Anonymous Player Parting Thoughts: Offensive Breakdown

Jul 24, 2019 | 1 comment

During each off-season Inside the Gators interviews an anonymous departing player in order for him to share his thoughts on an array of topics regarding Florida Gators football.

Since we didn't do any Parting Thoughts Q&A sessions this year, we instead interviewed five departing players and asked more about specific areas and instances rather than a strict look at their time at Florida, highs, lows, games and such.

When you see differing opinions within a question, it is because multiple players can have differing opinions on what they experienced.

In this 10-part interview, no topic was off-limits as we discussed Jim McElwain, the strength and conditioning program, Dan Mullen, player assessments and much more.

As an aside, allowing a player to comment anonymously obviously has its benefits and downside. The goal of this feature is to give our readers an honest and freely expressive look at the Florida football team, but we also acknowledge the nature of anonymous comments and the stigma that can come with them.




This is a solid group that is maybe the tightest nit group of any on the team. They always get the blame, but they are some of the hardest workers.

I think we have three good quarterbacks that can do things with the ball in different ways.

Feliepe Franks

  • Felipe is a stud athlete. If he continues how he finished last season, we could win a national title.
  • Not sure why everyone always blames him. When you look at the games we were losing it was the defense that gave up a ton of points in those games and our offense wasn’t shut out. He is probably the most popular player on the team. He gets along with everyone. I’ve never been around a player who everyone likes. Everyone likes him.
  • I think most people respected him after the shush. I know we loved it as players and he played with a chip on his shoulder the rest of the way. 
  • Cocky but confident, he plays hard and is the most competitive quarterback I’ve ever been around. He has a way of getting the team juiced. 

Kyle Trask 

  • Trask is the definition of a team player. He’s one guy that everyone respects. He is old fashion and loves it here. I’ve spoke with him before and he still believes he can be the one to lead the team. His big problem has been injuries and he might get some extra time for them.
  • I think that he could transfer and start somewhere. He has the arm and the mind for the game. He is a great backup for Franks.
  • Right after we lost to Missouri there were some on the team frustrated and some wanted Trask, but it was a team loss. Missouri lit our defense up. A lot of people have faith in Trask  for good reason. Whatever Trask does, hes always been an underdog, but makes his mark.

Emory Jones

  • He has a bright future ahead of him. He’s quiet but can really make an impact.
  • Jones is a better athlete than he is a quarterback. He has his clique he hangs out with, but he’ll need to make more effort to hang out with more players if he wants to be the leader of the whole team.
  • Emory was very young and raw. Once he learns the playbook he will be a good one.

Running Backs

This is the best skill group we have by far. It should be a special year for them. We are stacked.

Lamical Perine

  • He’s going to step up and be a big leader for this team. He grinds and is very vocal. Could not be happier that he listened to Coach [Dan]  Mullen and stayed. His draft stock will go up.
  • A hard runner with great vision. Leader of the group.

Malik Davis 

  • He just needs to stay healthy. Incredibly talented with a strong will. Its incredible how he keeps coming back.
  • It’s going to be interesting to see how he fits in this year. He needs to stay healthy.

Dameon Pierce

  • He’s a freak athlete. People need to watch out for him in the future. He is crazy strong and fast for his size.
  • He is going to be special. He’s a hard, physical, strong runner.

Iverson Clement

  • The most underrated running back. He reminds me of what you want in a receiving running back. He and Pierce are the future and they bring out the best in each other. One of the best athletes on the team.
  • He is the loudest of the backs. He definitely likes to talk. Very quick and agile. If he doesn’t transfer to play quicker, he could be a feature back down the road.

Wide Receivers

This is the second most skilled group on the team. They will be responsible for making the offense great in my opinion. They have a ton of veteran leaders and are always overlooked. I would not be surprised if a couple have Pro Bowl kind of NFL careers.

We have a lot of good talented guys here. It's going to be exciting to watch them because of the skill and maturity of the group.

Josh Hammond

  • The least talked about, but he’s the real leader of the group. He works hard and does everything right. He’s going to have another great year like he always does.
  • Has some of the best hands on the team.

Van Jefferson

  • Van has the most potential to grow. With a second year at  Florida, he’s going to really be a leader in this group. The most likable receiver.
  • Great vertical threat. He runs his routes hard and has strong hands.

Trevon Grimes

  • He's a talented player with a cocky attitude. Lots of flash from him and he can break off of routes well. He will play in the NFL.

Kadarius Toney

  • Try getting a hand on him. As good as he is at regular football, he’s a monster at flag football. Everyone loves KT and I’m excited to see him make defenses look silly this year.
  • Explosive, quick twitch. The coaches need him to touch the ball more.

Rick Wells

  • Great guy who has a hard time standing out because of injury and depth. He’s solid and has a good amount of time to show out.
  • Needs to stay healthy. I’m surprised he hasn't transferred.

Freddie Swain

  • Another key leader of the team. Swain pushes those around him and makes this group so great.
  • One of the vocal leaders of the team. One of the best work ethics on the team.

Tyrie Cleveland

  • The visual leader of the group. He came in with a ton of hype and has lived up to the expectations. He’s going to build on last year and be one of the standouts in this group.
  • Good vertical threat. Plays hard and works hard in practice.

Jacob Copeland

  • Young guy who needs to get healthy. With time to develop, he’s gonna make a big impact on special teams.
  • Excited to see what he can do playing more games this year.

Tight Ends

They get overlooked a ton but this is another solid group with veteran guys. They’re going to step up and make a big impact this year.

Kemore Gamble

  • He is the best dual threat of this group because he blocks the best and can catch well. See him play often in the run and making critical plays.
  • I think that he may be passed up by Krull or Pitts.

Lucas Krull

  • He’s going to be fun to watch. I think he’s got football down as a sport and is ready to shine. He is a player favorite and gets along with everyone.
  • Dual-sport athlete that can play on special teams too. Talented.

Kyle Pitts

  • Though I guess he could be listed with the wide receivers he is the biggest mismatch for opposing defenses. He’s a great example of this coaching staff playing to their player’s strength’s rather than how they want the system to run.
  • Big body with huge hands that can go up and get the ball

Offensive Line

The youngest group but they have some real talent here. Our scheme is hardest on them and the first couple of games will provide a learning curve. Expect them to be really good late in the season.

Brett Heggie

  • If he can stay healthy, he will be a big leader for this group. He is an animal and probably our best blocker.
  •  He’s talented, but needs to stay healthy.

T.J Moore

  • Young guy that needs time to grow.
  • He hasn't really emerged. Stays quiet.

Stone Forsythe

  • This is his year to shine. He has shown how good he can be with his size. He’s a veteran guy and will be key to this line being successful.
  • He has big potential and the body to be successful. He just needs more game confidence.

Noah Banks 

  • I heard h’ell be good for this season. Maybe the brightest spot of the younger offensive linemen when he plays.

Nick Buchanan

  • Most important returning player. He will have to be the vocal leader of this group and hold them accountable. He is up for the task.
  • Scrappy and undersized but gets the job done.

Christopher Blieich

  • He is one of the funnier dudes on the team. Might get some serious playing time this year because of his size and work ethic.
  • Young and needs to mature. He has a chance to be a good player.

Jean Delance

  • Could really help this group. I like him a lot in terms of potential to grow into a solid starter.
  • Needs game experience and confidence. He is the weakest of the potential starting five.

Richard Gouraige

  • Another great young guy. Game experience will help him develop this year.
  • RG has the potential to be special. He is young, but works hard and is going to be more physical as he gets older and learns better technique.

Departed Players

Martez Ivey

  • Tez was always a great guy to be around, but last year is the first year I think he really bought in and started to work hard and became a leader on the team.
  • He was always confident in himself, even when he dealt with a bunch of injuries.

Fred Johnson

  • Didn’t start football until late and I think it came together his last year. Athletic guy for his size and had a good career at Florida.
  • He had potential, but was lazy when he first came in and had a hard time with the coaches before he changed it up last year and you see how it helped him.

Jordan Scarlett 

  • Honestly I was surprised he was not drafted higher. He runs in the hole hard and really was great to play with. Always had a positive and laid-back attitude.
  • Hard runner. He was cool with everyone. Team leader in the locker room.

C'Yontai Lewis

  • The most underutilized player during his time. Not Mullen’s fault. A lot of coaches didn’t recognize his talent. He stepped up in a major way and was a big leader last year. Came from a rough background and he embodies what is so great about college football.
  • Works harder than a lot of the team. He is very passionate about the game and the program.

Moral Stephens

  • Moral is a really great guy to be around. He was deceptively athletic and always making plays in practice.
  • One of those guys that went under the radar. Performed well in games. His thing was he was always consistent.

R.J Raymond

  • He was the definition of hard work paying off. He had his scholarship taken by Mac and reinstated by Mullen. Never gave up and never complained. He is why it is great to be a Gator and embodies what Mullen means in the Gator Standard.
  • Hard worker. Busted his tail to get  a scholarship.

Tyler Jordan

  • His last year was by far his best year. Tyler was a really great for us and was a staple to the relationship that offensive line had. Everyone liked him and that helped in games.
  • I think being able to play one position the whole season helped him.

Jawaan Taylor

  • The most athletic lineman I’ve seen. Even our best defensive guys struggled to make plays against him. Some of the ends would try to get reps on second team just to not go against him.
  • He has very quick feet. His draft prep helped him get his money.

Dre Massey

  • When he came in, he had the same upside as KT. He’s been plagued with injury but really has a chance to make this a great year.

Adarius Lemons

  • Dude got upset after a game, said “fuck this” and walked out.
  • He was always pissed about something. It was his playing time and amount of touches or how he was talked to. You could tell he wasn’t going to make it.

Daquon Green 

  • With all our depth, I can’t blame him for leaving. There are so many players there and it’s hard to get your chances. 

T.J. McCoy

  • TJ could’ve been better, but he had some issues that hurt his last offseason on the team. He’s going to be a great addition to Louisville as he was here.
  • Once the staff changed his personality seemed to change. Was ready to leave.


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