Getting to Know: Riley Simonds

May 7, 2019 | 0 comments

Florida football added many talented offensive pieces during the 2019 recruiting cycle, one being Buford (Ga.) offensive lineman Riley Simonds‍. The Buford High School lineman committed to the Gators back in the Summer of 2018 and signed in December.

Simonds however, did not enroll early and will be arriving on campus May 29th.  

The 6-foot-4, 320-pounder couldn’t be happier about becoming a Florida Gator, as you'll see in this edition of Getting to Know

Let's start with an easy one, what solidified your decision to become a Florida Gator? 

“Not only is it the best place to play football in America at the college level, but also a top 10 public university in America. For the degree I want to have in broadcasting journalism it’s a great decision, not only for football, but my education. Gators are everywhere on television and I know this would be a great decision.” 


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What NFL player do you idolize or try to model your game around? 

"My favorite player to ever play in the NFL is Jeff Saturday for the Indianapolis Colts. He’s probably the kind of guy I like the shape my game around the most. But speaking with someone in the NFL now, it’s David Andrews with New England Patriots. He actually lives right down the road from me, so he’s helped me out a little bit and so is Jeff Saturday, who lives in the area as well. Those guys are two great players that have helped me with my game” 

What do you think you can provide to the team as a freshman? 

“As a freshman, I can just do everything and anything the coaches asked me to do. Whatever they ask me to do it I’m gonna do. I'm just trying to be a team player, team member, and do whatever is best for the team and just being a great teammate” 

What number would you choose the wear at Florida? 

"Hopefully I can wear 70. My little brother had a friend named Keaton Coker

That's a great story and I'm sure Keaton would be proud. Who do you plan on do you plan on living with in the dorms this upcoming season? 

“Honestly I got no idea. They haven't told me, and I will find out when I move in on May 29th." 

If you got drafted into the NFL with your first purchase be? 

“My first purchase would be for my dad, whether he wanted it to be a five dollar can of dip or million-dollar house” 

What three things are on your bucket list? 

“First thing, make sure my dad had everything that he ever wanted and whatever my family wanted and whatever my children wanted.  I just more importantly want to have the best life for my kids” 

What are some your favorite movies and music? 

“I can do it all. I can do country, rap, and rock ‘n’ roll. I like all kinds of music.” 

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