Already all-in and on track to sign, Black uses weekend to work on Bogle

Jan 28, 2019 | 0 comments

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Longtime Florida commit Diwun Black‍ is officially heading to the Swamp. There was some speculation about whether or not the Mississippi native’s dream would become reality and if would be eligible to sign, but this official visit sealed the deal and Black couldn’t be happier, as he told Inside the Gators.

“I love it here,” he beamed. “My unofficial visits seemed like official visits so it was pretty cool.”

Black’s unofficial visits manifested themselves in the outside linebacker making an appearance at almost every Florida home game.

It’s no secret that Black is all in on his commitment, as he’s mentioned numerous times that Florida would be his only official visit. However, depending on how long you’ve been following the 2019 recruiting cycle, it’s also not a secret that the linebacker has played an integral role in bringing guys in. His message to all recruits sings a similar tune.

“Join us and buy into it. It’s here.”

Now, it looks like Black is focusing his efforts on four-star defensive end Khris Bogle‍. The Cardinal Gibbons (Fla.) pass rusher is currently committed to Alabama, but decided to take an official to Florida after spending plenty of time with Black at the Polynesian Bowl.

If you ask Black about the Fort Lauderdale native, he’ll tell you a lot about their great relationship. If you ask about Bogle’s thoughts regarding the official visit, he’s a little more coy, but still reveals some secrets.

“Every time he put the jersey on, I’d be like ‘I see you bruh’,” he laughed. “And [Bogle would] be like, ‘I like it, I like it,’ then we would just talk about our play.”



Black is fully aware how big-time Bogle would be at Florida. And when you’re dealing with someone big-time, you have to bring out the big guns. That’s exactly what Black told ITG he was doing. His message to Bogle is a more bravado version of his standard plug.

“Come join the Gator Standard and we’ll win a Championship in the next two years,” he guaranteed.

Bogle is set to sign on National Signing Day, joining a small group of guys who did not or could not sign during the Early Period. Another lingering Gators target is four-star cornerback and Florida legacy, Kaiir Elam‍.

Elam mentioned Black’s cheerful presence on his own official visit, but Black played it close to the vest when comparing him to fellow South Floridian Bogle.

“Really I mostly talk to Bogle, but I talk to [Elam] too though,” he said.

As I mentioned, Black will also sign in February and enroll over the summer. But he and his future coaching staff are chopping it up early. Black is listed as a linebacker, but his lean 6-foot-4, 216-pound frame can stretch the defense wherever he’s needed. He said that his official role is not carved out yet.

“They said I can be an outside linebacker and a good rush off the EDGE.”

However, Black’s experience with the University of Florida football program goes beyond the limits of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. The circumstances regarding his eligibility definitely took a toll on the high school senior and the coaching staff is working to build up his confidence.

“Keep working, you’re almost there. Prove everybody wrong,” is the message that the staff has for Black.

He says the motivation to prove people wrong is definitely prevalent in his play. But, Black is definitely a team-first kind of guy who plays for his teammates, the staff, and the Florida Gators logo. When asked what the Gator Standard means to him, Diwun Black had a simple answer.

“Going hard at all times and giving relentless effort like they teach us. We give them relentless effort every time we go in there.”

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